27 Handy Machinist Calculators and Charts [ Free! ]

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27 Handy Machinist Calculators and Charts [ Free! ]

Do you refer to Machinery’s Handbook a lot for the quick reference charts?  Do you use online Calculators of various kinds to figure out your machining problems?

I used to, but then I got tired of leafing through thick handbooks and trying to find things on the web at the last minute.  Yes, they’re great resources, but I wanted things to be a lot closer to my fingertips.  I wanted a higher concentration of useful tools.  In fact, what I wanted and needed was a cnc machinist calculator.

To make that happen, I started building what would eventually become this page.  I hope you get as much use out of all these free resources as I have.  One thing you’ll notice is most of the free calculators are built right into our G-Wizard speeds and feeds software.  That’s no accident, but you’re probably wondering how something built into a piece of paid software can be free?  I’m glad you asked!

If you do the G-Wizard free 30-day trial, when it ends, you’ll still have access to the free version of our cnc machinist calculator.  The only thing you lose if you choose not to buy at the end of the trial are the Feeds and Speeds and Thread-related functions.  That still leaves a huge amount of territory–useful time saving tools available in the free version of our machinist calculator for life that are listed below.

Bolt Circle Calculator

Bolt Circle Calculator: Generate the coordinates for bolt circle patterns quickly and easily with this handy free machinist calc.

Feeds and Speeds

CNC Feeds and Speeds Calculator: Get the industry-leading Feeds and Speeds Calculator used by thousands of the best manufacturers in the world and improve your tool life, cycle times, and surface finish today.  Get the spindle speed and feed calculations done quickly and easily.  Handles radial chip thinning, slot milling, and much more.  It has milling calculators as well as turning calculations.  This is the most important part of any good cnc machinist calculator app–you won’t get far without speeds and feeds!

Over time, G-Wizard has become the industry’s leading speeds and feeds solution.  It’s a machinist calculator used by thousands of pros at the best CNC Manufacturing companies there are.

Machine Hourly Rate Calculator

CNC Machine Hourly Rate Calculator: Figure out what hourly rate to charge for your CNC machines.

Drill Bit Tap and Size Chart and Calculator

Drill Bit Tap and Size Chart and Calculator: A full drill index, recommended tap drill sizes, thread percentages vs strength, free fit drill sizes, and more!

Feed Rate Calculator

Feed Rate Calculator: One of the best free milling calculators for feed rates.  Includes a chart of materials and tool settings

G-Code and M-Code Reference

GCode and MCode Reference: Need a handy reference chart for all the GCodes?. Look no further. CNC Programmers will appreciate charts for Milling G Codes List and Turning G Codes. Also Milling M Codes and Turning M Codes.  And, there are Tutorials and Sample data from our Free GCode Tutorial too!

GD&T Symbols Chart and Calculator

GD&T Symbols: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Symbols in a convenient chart with tutorial information on the symbols from our Free GD&T Course too!

G-Wizard also has a GD&T symbol chart with links to tutorials and a True Position Calculator.

Hardness Conversion Charts

Hardness Conversion Charts: Hardness Conversion Charts, Free Calculator, and information for Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, Shore Scleroscope, and more Hardness Scales.

Lumber Sizes

Lumber Sizes: Ever notice a 2 x 4 doesn’t measure 2 by 4 inches? Here’s the scoop on the actual sizes for lumber, despite what we call it. There’s even a free calculator for weights and volumes based on the actual sizes.

Polar to Rectangular Calculator

Polar Coordinates Calculator: Convert from Polar to Rectangular (Cartesian) Coordinates easily.

Handy to have when you’re programming in polar coordinates.  Just the sort of thing you would want to find built in to your CNC Machinist Calculator!

Sheet Metal Wire Gauge Sizes

Sheet Metal Wire Gauge Sizes Chart / Table and Calculator: Sheet metal gauging is somewhat arbitrary, but we’ve got full reference charts plus a nifty free calculator to help right here.

Steel I-Beam, Channel, and Angle Sizes

Steel I-Beam, Channel, and Angle Sizes: Complete Guide to Standard Sizes for Steel I-Beams, HSS, Channel, and Angle.

Surface Finish Chart Tables

Surface Finish Chart Tables: Complete Guide to Surface Finish Charts, RA, RZ, Measurements, Callouts and Symbols.  Also, use our surface finish calculators in G-Wizard to calculate scallop sizes on ball nosed end mills.

Tap Speeds and Feeds Calculator

Tap Speeds and Feeds Calculator: Quick Calculator for tapping feeds and speeds.  Does both roll tap and cut taps.  In addition, it can tell you what size tap drill to use based on your desired thread percentage.  Get this specialized speeds and feeds calculator today.

Thread Calculator

G-Wizard’s built-in Thread Calculator  is loaded with features and information, and it’s completely free.  Just sign up for the 30-day trial and the basic Thread Calculator is yours forever.  Our more advanced thread calculators are extra-cost modules.

Includes a tap drill calculator like no other.  You see, G-Wizard’s tap drill calculator can help you choose the drill based on thread percentage to reduce the likelihood of breaking a tap.  It will give you major and minor diameters as well as a whole ton of other thread data.  Avoid tedious thread chart lookups!

NPT Pipe
Thread Calculator

Screenshot of the free G-Wizard pipe thread calculator software interface displaying various cutting tool specifications and a graph comparing different drilling depths.

G-Wizard’s built-in NPT and Pipe Thread Calculator  is loaded with features and information, and it’s completely free.  Just sign up for the 30-day trial and the basic Thread Calculator is yours forever.  Our more advanced thread calculators are extra-cost modules.



Drill Feeds and Speeds Calculator


Drill Feeds and Speeds Calculator: A quick free calculator for drilling feeds and speeds.  Plus an advanced industry-leading feeds and speeds calculator for more serious work.


Fits and Tolerances Calculator


A quick Free ISO Tolerances Calculator based on ISO 286, ANSI B4.2, and DIN 7172.  What a perfect addition to any machinist calc!


Drill Bit Size Chart

drill chart bit sizes


Drill Bit Size Chart:  A quick free drill bit size chart, downloadable pdf, and drill size calculator for more serious work.

Metal Weight Calculator

Metal Weight Calculator: Calculate volume and weight for a variety of materials and metals with our free calculator.


Geometry Calculator

right triangle trigonometry calculator


Geometry Calculators to solve for common challenges in the shop and for cnc programmers:

  • Drill Point Length Calculator
  • Circular Segment Calculator (and Chord Calculator)
  • True Position Calculator
  • Trig Functions
  • Triangle Solver & Triangle Solutions
  • Right Triangle Solutions

These are just the sort of thing you look for in a good machining calculator.


Bolt Grades Chart and Strengths [ Quick Reference + PDF ]

Decode both US and Metric bolt grade markings and get the strength info as well.


Board Foot Calculator

A figure displaying the measurements of a board foot.

This article shows how to calculate board feet using a formula, charts, and our free calculator.


Rivet Sizing Chart

This article provides you with a rivet sizing chart and an easy guide to how to use the information to choose the proper rivet size for your application.


Lathe Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Icon button with CNC lathe

This article our free lathe feeds and speeds calculator.


CNC Chip Load Calculator

Illustration showing how chip thinning works on chip load.

Article on our free CNC Chip Load Calculator.

Vacuum Table Pop-Off Calculator

Vacuum Table Pop-Off Calculator: Quit scrapping parts because they pop off your vacuum table.

This machinist calculator will limit your feed calculations based on the vacuum and surface area of your part together with tool settings combined to keep it firmly held on your vacuum table.

Yup, it’s true, you got this far and didn’t find the information you were looking for. Happens to the best of us. When all else fails, I always turn to Machinery’s Handbook to look for information.

One more sneaky trick: buy one or two editions back–not the latest. Most of the info hardly changes and you’ll save a bundle!


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