Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Get Better Tool Life, Surface Finish,
and MRR with G-Wizard


G-Code Editor

G-Code is Complicated.
G-Wizard Editor
Makes it


World’s Easiest 3D CAM



Gear Design Software by Art Fenerty, Father of Mach3
Specialized CADCAM for Design and Making Gears

G-Wizard Estimator

Machine Shop Estimating Software.
Feature-Based using GW Calculator’s Feeds and Speeds Engine.

Conversational CNC

Easy Point-and-Shoot G-Code Wizards,
So You Can Skip CAD/CAM

Thread Calculator

Full thread dimension data on dozens of thread families.

Special Deals

Sales, Volume Discounts, Combo Packs, Educational Discounts and More.

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Software that will make anyone a better CNC'er

Get Better Tool Life, Surface Finish, and Material Removal Rates Fast.

It's that easy. You can install and get results in a matter of minutes.


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7 Easy CNC Software Packages to Make You a Better CNC’er
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