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1 You take pride in your CNC work.
2 You want to be a better CNC’er
3 You are open to new ideas and techniques for CNC
4 You are never satisfied with “Good Enough”
5 You’re willing to embrace that CNC involves computers and the digital world
6 You want to know the shortcuts too
7 You’re a CNC’er. You make things. That’s dead sexy.


Are We Pretty Close?




1 We take pride in CNCCookbook
2 We want to be better CNC’ers ourselves
3 We constantly research the latest new ideas and techniques for CNC
4 We want to build the best CNC Software and be the best CNC Information Resource there is
5 We’ve been at CNC, computers, and the digital world for a long time
6 We want to make CNC easier
7 We believe if we’re genuinely helpful, more will come.
8 We like Making Things (software, CNC parts, and great knowledge resources) and being Social.


Seems Like We Have a Lot in Common!



We Build CNC Software that Has Helped

Many CNC’ers Like You



Over 100,000 Machinists from

Thousands of Manufacturers, Schools, and Organizations

Have Used Our Software


The G-Wizard Story:

We are the Internet’s most popular CNC Blog and Information Resource
We’re Dedicated to Providing Top Notch Free CNC Training






Over 4 Million

Visitors a Year to








At CNCCookbook we’re only interested in building the best software in each area we tackle. We choose the areas carefully, based on where we can add the most value for our customers.


We’ve been involved with CNC since the 80’s. We’ve been building great software since the 70’s. Our founder, Bob Warfield, is a recognized Feeds and Speeds expert in the industry. Catch his monthly video column, CNC Chef, in Cutting Tool Engineering magazine.

Track Record

100,000+ software users, 4 million site visits a year, thousands of manufacturers, schools, and organizations. We are the industry leading Feeds and Speeds solution and the world’s most popular CNC-related Blog.


We’ve done so many things first we lose track, and we’re not nearly done innovating. We are constantly on the prowl for new ideas and techniques we can add to our products.

Ease of Use

We’ve been making software easier for years. Our Founder holds the patent on spreadsheet notebook tabs which he invented for Quattro Pro, one of the original easiest to use ground-breaking spreadsheet programs.


CNC can be a good business, but it’s not cheap. We price our software for value and offer choices ranging from subscriptions to outright lifetime purchase to fit your cash flow needs. There’s no nickel and diming either–no maintenance, and all new releases are free during the term of your license.


We don’t advertise and we’re not spammers. We depend on Fanatically Loyal Customers to get the word out about us. We take every opportunity we can to listen to your feedback and act on it. In fact, we’ve often said that having so many great customers gives us a distinct competitive advantage–it’s the wisdom of our crowd of CNC’ers.


We offer a family of unique CNC software

G-Wizard Calculator:

Feeds and Speeds for the 21st Century


G-Wizard Editor:

Radically Easier GCode


MeshCAM: World’s Easiest 3D CAM

Gearotic Gear Design: By Art Fenerty





Feeds and Speeds Calculated



Tools Lived Longer



Jobs Done Sooner



Machinist’s Tasks Made Easier















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When we first started, we used these women machinists of World War 2 as our artwork:

World War 2 woman machinist

More about these courageous workers…

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