CNC Projects: Free Ideas, Plans & Articles in Metal and Wood

CNC Projects: Free Ideas, Plans & Articles in Metal and Wood

As nifty as CNC Machines are, they’re intended to be used to make something such as the CNC Projects listed on this page.  Some of these projects are things I’ve made in my own CNC workshop.  Others are things I’ve come across during my travels on the web.  They’re all things that I hope to make at some point or other.  Even when I haven’t made a particular item, I’ve tried to include enough information to give you a real leg up getting started on doing one for  yourself.

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cnc projects
  Definitive Guide to Tormach
Hacks, Modifications and Upgrades
CNC Projects to improve your machine are a time honored tradition!  Not only that, they can improve your productivity and ultimately make it possible for you to do even more projects on your machine.



CNC Project Ideas – Wish List of CNC Projects [Dozens of Future Project Ideas]

Never enough time to finish all the projects, but we can at least take notes along the way and have them ready when it’s time to start a new project.



CNC Router Projects

Get tons of ideas here for your next CNC Router Project!


cnc projects

Download Free DXF Files to Cut

Sometimes a little artwork is just the thing to help begin a project.





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Art & Design

These projects are always fun, particularly for your non-machinist friends and family to enjoy.

CNC Engraving

CNC Chair Plans

Robotic Bartenders

Astronomical Clock

More Art & Design Projects



These projects are fun for hunters and firearms enthusiasts.

Gunsmithing Projects

model engines

Model Engines

Working models of steam engines, Rolls Royce Merlin V12’s, car-style V8’s, Stirling Engines, and much more!

Closely related but on a larger scale:  Stirling Engine Generators





Welding Projects

Every machinist should be able to weld.  It’s not that hard and it’s very useful.  Here some projects and ideas for welders.




Best Online Communities that Showcase CNC Projects


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