CNCCookbook is nothing if not one big idea notebook, but I keep special pages I call idea notebooks for things I haven’t built yet, but expect to and want to collect notes for. I’ve got a number of different idea notebooks including: CNC Control Panels: What should be on your control panel? Coolant Collars: A handy way to dispense flood coolant that clamps to your spindle. Mill Fixture Plate: Makes modular fixturing and setups a snap. Souping up a Drill Press: Something to be productive on while your CNC mill is chugging away on its own. Press Brake Attachments for your Press. Better than a brake, not as good as a real Press Brake. Belt Sanders: I built a disc sander, now I need a belt sander. Handy machines! Electronics Boxes: How to build a neatly wired enclosure for your CNC electronics. High Speed Spindle Add-On: Attach a high speed spindle to your existing spindle. Home Shop Hall of Fame: Amazing man caves! Lathe Tooling Organizers: Keep those QCTP holders in order. Machine Aesthetics: Just some good looking stuff. Machine Enclosures: Keeps chips and coolant inside and machinists outside! Parts Gallery: CNC Parts Made in Home Shops. Plasma Table Gallery: Got to build one someday.I got to thinking about them this morning when a friend sent me a note on a nice QCTP racking system he’d found on eBay:

Of course that immediately went to the Lathe Tooling Organizers page.


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