Lathe Tool Storage [QCTP Holder Storage]

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Lathe Tool Storage [QCTP Holder Storage]

An Idea Notebook on ways to organize your lathe tooling, especially QCTP holders.

Here’s a 3D Printed QCTP Rack:

3D Printed QCTP Rack

How about a Lazy Susan to organize your QCTP tooling:

Lazy Susan toolholder rack by Stan on HMEM makes for a very efficient use of space…

I’d need a double decker version!

QCTP organizer

Pins work too!


It’s Just Some Welded Angle Iron that Bolts Right Onto the Lathe…

From an HSM thread on these things…

DocNickel’s QCTP hangers are just welded from some stock. Very clean and simple!

Ultimate Lathe tooling Lazy Susan by Macona…

An earlier Macona inspiration above the lathe tailstock…

Nice accessory mounting on the lathe backsplash…

Storage for Frank Ford’s Hardinge tooling is in roll around tool cabinets near each machine…


Mine are in a drawer too, but I don’t have this many!

Another carousel/Lazy Susan style holder…

Here’s a nice one a friend found on eBay. Kind of expensive when it’s so easy to fab one up…


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