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DIY Welding Table and Cart Ideas and Designs

Ideas, Designs and Pictures for building your DIY Welding Table or Cart.  I’ve got a little welding table atop a rolling tool chest that I threw together one afternoon. It has served me, but I’d like to do better at some point. Some of the features I’d incorporate into a new welding table/cart would be:

– Space for my Miller 180 Tig, a Miller 251 Mig, my ESAB plasma cutter, and my Oxy-Acetylene rig.

– Much thicker table surface. At least 1/2″ steel and maybe even 1″. Haven’t decided whether to do the slotted clamping style or not.

– Slide out or tilt up plasma cutting rack.

– Receivers on the corners for accessories like a big vise and my chop saw. I might throw my tool grinder and disc sander on those receivers too.

– Centralized compressed air connection with hanging storage for air tools

– Outlets on the cart, die grinder and clamp racks.

– Rod storage on one side or the other as convenient.

– Bigger caster wheels so it’s easier to roll a heavy cart over bumps.

– I’d definitely keep the tool cabinet in the core of the cart.

You can see all of those ideas and more in the photos below:

A little table I threw together in an afternoon. Love using rolling tool cabinets bought cheap at sales in these kinds of projects..

Neat pull out support for larger projects. Big vise is essential too. Lots of great fab projects like this on

Neat idea for a plasma cutting cart. All the slag and dust funnels down to the bucket. Pirate4x4 is another great source for Fab projects

Welding cart set up for clamping. Try Garage Journal for this project and more…

Tig Cart from MillerWelds forums is neat. Storage for the Tig, a homemade Tig water cooler, some rod, gas bottle, and the inevitable plastic box full of accessories.

Miller Dynasty Cart. These carts that match the welder’s are sharp…

The pro-welders recommend thick plate on top. This table has 1″ steel plate. See Practical Machinist for more, another great source of ideas…

Another very stout table, set up for clamping…

Every welder needs a bevy of angle grinders handy. I like hanging them right on the cart…

Lots to like about this Big Red Table. Thick metal top, Big Vise, Clamp Storage, Angle Grinder Storage, and look at those handy outlets for angle grinders and whatever else up under the table lip where they’re protected. There’s even flip up storage for the chop saw. Nice!

Outlets on the cart seem nice. If you’ve got multiple welders on the cart, providing them each with a 220 outlet on the cart that goes to a single connection the wall sounds handy too…

Gas tanks often consume quite a lot of space. This rig lays them in horizontally to recapture some space and keep the center of gravity low. Nice idea, though wrestling them back out of there for refill is probably painful.

Even more welding table and cart ideas:

Nice basic table that includes a well for plasma cutting. Seems to me a pullout or flip-up plasma surface that’s a little larger would be a neat feature for an all-in-one table + cart…

Here’s a nice basic cart for welding…

And another neat little cart…

Got some I-Beams available for salvage? They make for a beefy cart. This one’s from Welding Web

This might just be a grinder cart as much as it is a welding cart, but it is still neat…

Rod Storage right on the Cart seems like such a good idea…

Another Rod Storage Idea: Just Make a Rack for the Tubes They Come In…

Practically an entire Fab Workshop on a cart. I’m loving the big wheels as I know rolling a heavy cart over the 3/4″ step to my garage would be so much easier with those than regular sized casters…

Tig, Mig, Oxy Acetylene, Nice Tool Chest (looks like a side box, which are handy when you want narrow)–All the Essentials…

Thick cast iron with square holes is the ultimate industrial welding table surface. This type of surface is called an “Acorn Table”…

Neat pull out Plasma Cutting Rack. Note the jacking system so you can pull the casters up off the ground when done rolling the table. Thick steel table is awesome too. This one is from the Hobart Welding Forums

Hitch Receivers are ideal to mount vises, chop saws, grinders, and anything else you may want to get out of the way if you need more room. Here’s another example of a jack up system to pull a table off the casters…

Be sure to weld a nice grounding point onto your table so you can get the ground clamp out of the way and just leave it hooked up…

Another very nicely done table. Lots of storage + outlets + hitch receivers for accessories…


DIY Welding Table Cart [Complete Resource: 50 Designs]
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