CNCCookbook 2019 Media Guide

I’m proud to say we are celebrating 10 years of building Software to help customers become better CNC’ers, and 15 years of CNC Blogging.  CNCCookbook is the most popular CNC-related blog on the Internet with 5.6 million visits over the 12 months from July 2018 to July 2019.  As I write this, there are about 150,000 of you on our mailing list.

I’m sure many of you wonder, what kind of people visit our web site?

Here are the results of our 2019 Visitor Survey

CNC Experience

The very best CNC’ers know they can never stop learning.  The field is both broad and very deep.  So it’s gratifying to see our number one CNC Experience category is the most experienced CNC’ers around.

Primary CNC Machine

Most CNC’ers can operate more than one kind of machine, but I wanted to see what type of machines they spend the most time running.

CNC Company Type

For those whose job is CNC, they’re working for these types of companies:

CNC Industry

And in these industries:

Company Size

Our CNC’ers run the gamut from small to quite large CNC operations.


Almost a third of our audience are in management at their CNC Companies.

Favorite Social Media

I have to be honest–I really appreciated seeing the results of this question.  I had always wondered why my efforts to promote CNCCookbook had fared so poorly.  The short answer is that if you bother with social media at all, it’s only with Facebook.


We’ve written and published thousands of articles since our inception.  Each of them was written with the idea of teaching something to the reader, or offering something to capture their interest.  And each year, we’ve seen our audience grow, so we think we’re on the right track, and we have every intention of continuing as we go forward.

Thank you so much for all  your support!