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A man with glasses and a t-shirt giving a thumbs up while using the G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds Calculator.If you’d like to become a Better CNC’er, you’re in the right place.

We produce world-class CNC Software, and we give away tons of CNC-related information to help.

Hi, my name is Bob Warfield, and I founded CNCCookbook over 10 years ago.

The first thing I noticed looking at software for machinists was that it didn’t follow the best practices of the broader software markets, and it didn’t seem to recognize the needs of the machinist in many fundamental ways.

Being a machinist is a tough business.  Margins are thin and competition is intense.  Whether you’re a Pro or Hobbyist, CNC is complicated. Mastering all the skills is never easy and is something you’re never done with.

So much software is so focused on giving you more options that they forget to help you choose the best options. Not CNCCookbook–that’s our special niche.

CNCCookbook was created to help everyone become a better CNC’er, no matter what skill level you’ve reached. Only great customers can help us create really great software, and we depend on you for everything.

Our customers are our only investors, and we pay back that investment in every way we can.  We run the kind of business we’d like to be able to do business with, and we hope you will do business with us too.


Explore Bob Warfield's CNC Cookbook for a Free Trial Signup of his G-Wizard software, featuring an advanced Feeds and Speeds Calculator.


Tony Q. 10 July
I am understanding more about CNC in the last few days from your software than I have in the last 6 months preparing for the delivery of my new machine. For that, the cost for your software to me is worth 3 times as much as you charge.

A vintage black and white photo of a man in a suit.

Jason P. 20 Mar
FYI, I have used GWizard to accurately estimate and win over $20million worth of Aerospace machined parts projects - Good job Bob Warfield and thanks for making this product.
Bert L. 29 Dec
I love this product and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it even more useful. It’s worth every penny as it is, and it only gets better and better over time!
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