Metalworking Manufacturers & Suppliers

Metalworking Manufacturers & Suppliers


Digital Tooling

(I use or have worked with all of this software, know folks at these companies, and I have probably written about them somewhere on CNCCookbook or will shortly.)

Dolphin CAM: Very well regarded entry-level CAM package.

G-Wizard Calculator: G-Wizard is CNCCookbook’s calculator for CNC machinists–it’ll save you a lot of time!

G-Wizard Editor: CNCCookbook’s G-Code Editor and Simulator. In Beta as this is written, and therefore free until it is full release.

MecSoft: One of the most popular companies in the CNCCookbook CAM Survey and makers of VisualMill, AlibreCAM, RhinoCAM, and a host of other products.

MeshCAMVery easy to use 3D CAM package.

OneCNC: My “home base” for CAM–this is the one I started with and still use constantly.

Tormach: Some very cool imaging software as well as software for the tool presetter.

Manufacturers and Sellers: Metal

80-20 Aluminum Garage Sale: eBay store front with extrusions, aluminum stock, and other goodies.

Alloy Frame Sysems: More aluminum extrusions.

Cylinder Repair Components: Good deals on DOM and other cylinder stock.

Faztek: Aluminum extrusions.

Flat Ground: Sell ground tool steel online. Recommended by PM.

IMS Metals: Supplier recommended on PM.

Industrial Metal Sales: Looks like good prices on raw metal.

MetalExpress: Another internet raw material supplier.

Metals Depot: Metal stock.

OnlineMetals: Good quality material via the internet.

Online Metal Supply: Houston online metal supplier recommended by PM. Also carry plastic and carbon fiber.

PPC Specialty Metals: Online toolsteel supplier recommended by PM.

Sands Machine: Great prices on aluminum.

Southern Tool Steel: They carry harder to find things like O6 steel. Quotations required.

Speedy Metal: An eBay seller with good prices on metals. You can call them at 1-888-744-4140. Word is there is no minimum and not charge for cutting.

T-Slots: Aluminum extrusions.

Yarde Metal: Metal supplier. Quotations required.

Manufacturers and Sellers: Hardware, Bearings, Etc.

Air Cylinders Direct: Good prices on air cylinders. I bought one to build my powered drawbar.

Alpine Bearing: Fellas on PM say they have good prices on machine tool bearings.

American Model Engineering Supply: Small hex stock for making scale fasteners and other goodies for making models. Hoss put me on to these guys. Some good bearing prices among other things.

Avery Vinyl: Sign making supplies, including Dibond.

BearingsDirect: aka ESI. Bearing store on the web.

BearingPlace: aka A&W Bearings. An online bearing marketplace recommended by many from Practical Machinist.

Boca Bearing: Miniature bearings for hobbyists.

Boston Gear: The first place to check if you need a gear.

Carr-Lane: Masters of jigs and fixtures and components to build them.

CNC Plastics: Industrial plastics supplier. Lots of good info on machining plastics as well.

Coast Pneumatics: Every concievable air related gizmo.

Econobelt: Hoss likes these guys for timing pulleys. They have other motion stuff too. Looks cheaper than SDP-SI.

Gortite: Suppliers of screw and way covers.

Grainger: Big catalog. My first purchase was a tumbler media.

Grob: Timing pulleys, splined shafts, and bandsaws. Just what it sounds like. Focused on the R/C market’s needs.

J.I. Morris: Largest manufacturer of small fasteners in the US.

Leeson: Electrical motors aplenty.

McMaster-Carr: Source for all things mechanical–gears, bearings, couplers, etc.

MicroFasteners: Specialize in small fasteners. Recommended on HSM board.

MicroMark: Small hardware and parts.

Professional Plastics: Huge selection of plastics for manufacturers.

P4 Bearings: Surplus high quality bearings.

Rattlesnake Magnets: Frank Ford’s magnet supplier. Strong neodymiums, low prices.

Reid Tools: A cross between Carr-Lane and McMaster-Carr. Check them out for small parts and gizmos.

Scale Hardware: Tiny hardware and tools for models.

SDP-SI: Motion control online catalog.

Skate Bearings: Cheap bearings up to about 1.25″ bore designed for skates but useful for projects.

SmallParts.Com: The hardware store for researchers and scientists.

Tool Buyers Network: Good prices on carbide inserts for Glanze tools.

US Composites: Supposed to be good cheap suppliers of resins and other composite materials.

US Plastics: For all things plastic.

VXB Ball Bearings: Bearings of every shape and size, rotary and linear, new, good prices.

World Bearing: Japanese bearings sold online.

Manufacturers and Sellers: Machines & Tooling

American Machine Tools Co.: Look like good prices on Birmingham and other machine tools.

Ashman Company: Machinery auctions.

Ball-Tec: Precision measuring devices based on balls. Also look here for precision balls of all kinds. Can be used to test the accuracy of your CNC machine. Also see them for balls with flats.

Beaumont Metalworks: Small maker of machine tools, mostly sanders. They sell parts to build your own knife grinder.

Bill’s Tool Crib: A Birmingham dealer a lot of guys on the HSM board like. Their web site is horribly slow for me.

Bonnydoon Engineering: Metalworking for the art and jewelry trade: small precise tools.

Brownell’s: Gunsmith supplies, many of which are applicable to Home Shop Machinist’s.

C&M Topline: Vibratory finishing machines and supplies.

Campbell Tool: Lots of general purpose items. Transfer screws first seen here.

CDCO Machinery: Sell some good looking DRO scales and other metalworking tools. Widgitmaster recommends these guys.

Chipping Away: Miniature workshop tools largely focused around wood carving. They do sell small machine tools including Proxon and Micromot.

Cyberweld: Excellent prices on many things welding-related.

Dealers Electric: Some great VFD deals here.

DiscountCampus: Both manual and CNC items at what look like great prices. Great price on Rhino 3D, for example. Try their Fullerton mills says the guys on CNCZone.

Dovetail Tool Manufacturing (DTM): Make a nice line of QCTP’s and a number of holders.

Drives Warehouse: The guys I bought my VFD for the mill from. Good prices.

Eagle Industries: I’m pretty sure their HD250 is the Lathemaster lathe.

Eastwood: All manner of auto-restoration related products, many useful items for machine shops.

Enco: Large industrial supplier with reasonable prices.

E-Taps: Nothing but taps and dies. Recommended on Practical Machinist for hard-to-find items like ACME thread taps and dies.

Fab11: Nice looking fab tools including press brakes as well as a parts tumbler. This is Kap Pullen’s site. He contributes to a number of boards. I got a good deal on my Phase II rotary table from him.

Harbor Freight: Rock bottom on prices, sometimes on quality, but there are some great buys here too.

Harris Welding Supplies: Look like good prices!

Harvey Tool: Endmills, thread mills, engravers and other cutters. Recommended by Hoss for engraving cutters. I hear about this supplier a lot for all sorts of unusual cutters, and especially for very small cutters.

HGR Industrial Surplus: Almost everything, sold as surplus. Machines, ball screws, you name it. Recommended on PM.

Indiana Oxygen: Decent prices for welding supplies and equipment.

Industrial Hobbies: Awesome square column mill, CNC conversion kits, and many home milling tips and projects.

Innovative Machinery: Birmingham dealer recommended by D. Thomas of PM.

JFK Precision: These guys made my 5C lever collet closer for my Tormach lathe.

J&L Industrial Supply: Big dealer. Look for their once a month sale or prices may seem high.

Kaiser Tool: ThinBit tooling, which is a good size for small lathes. Very well made, not cheap. Check their deals page.

KBC Tools & Machinery: Big industrial supplier.

Kodiak Cutting Tools: Value priced end mills and other cutters. American made.

Lakeshore Carbide: Awesome cutter tooling based on service and price according to PM boards.

Lathemaster: My favorite Asian imported lathes as well as some nicer Asian mills. Good People to deal with! Many accessories and replacement parts sold for home machine tools.

Lost Creek Machine: Sells used and new machine tools. Looks like good prices.

Machine Shop Discount Supply: Hoss put me onto these guys. Haven’t tried them yet.

MachineToolOnline: Look like good prices on mid-range Asian machines like Sharp, Birmingham. Also called “Quality Machine Tools.” Pittsburgh, PA. Online used machinery sales by a bunch of dealers.

Mary Poppins Bag: Nice selection of books and hard to find HSM tooling. Run by John Stevenson’s wife.

MAX-PRO TOOLS INC: Good prices on carbide inserts. eBay “Buy Now” seller.

MetalOrWood.Com: Machinery dealer. Lots of Jet and other Asian machines.

Midway USA: Not as much to choose from, but much better prices than Brownell’s usually.

MSC Direct: Large industrial supplier.

MSI-Viking: Metrology gear. I’ve ordered a couple of items from them that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

New England Brass and Tool: Needs of the home machinist. Bison chucks.

Northern Tool: Recommended by Steve Sorensen. Lots of good cheap stuff.

PennTool: Like Enco or Wholesale Tool.

Plastools: Stuff for the home machinist, especially indexable insert tooling.

PM Research: Steam engine kits and accessories.

Pro-Tools: Best deal going on tubing benders and similar tools.

Rutland Tool & Supply: Supplies for machine shops.

Shars: Inexpensive Asian import tooling. I’ve gotten some good items from them.

Shor International: Lots of metal finishing tools and information for the jewelry industry. Go here for industrial polishing and finishing solutions.

Sparro: Fascinating special tools for the machinist.

SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments): Good quality + good value tools.

Tool Buyers Network: Big online/eBay store. Somewhat discounted. Shop carefully on prices, stick to the USA made stuff.

Tools4Cheap: Lots of interesting machine shop tooling. Recommended on PM. Tools for professional contractors. Good source for Rigid tools for hydraulic plumbing.

Toolzone: Recommended by D. Thomas on PM for Jet machinery.

Travers: A tool supplier recommended by Industrial Hobbies.

Trick-Tools: “High performance tools for the fabricator.” And so they are…

US Shop Tools: Recommended in Practical Machinist. Supposed to be best prices on aluminum vise jaws, for example.

Wholesale Tools

The Yard: Aircraft home builder tools. Especially focused around sheet metal and air tools.

Manufacturers and Sellers: CNC & Electronics

2020 Software Solutions: Makers of Bend-Tech tubing bender CAD software.

3S Incorporated: Support the old Tree CNC knee mills.

Action Electronics: Sold me the box my CNC Lathe Control panel is mounted in. They also carry multi-conductor shielded wire.

AjaxCNC: Lots of goodies from complete machines to components. I got my power supply rectifier boards from these guys.

AllMotion: Inexpensive and very small (1″ x 1″) boards to control steppers. Check out their joystick board to provide manual control over a single stepper.

AnTek: eBay seller Johnango has this eBay store with CNC power supplies and transformers. I got my 19″ rack lathe chassis from him, but I don’t think he handles those any more. You can also go direct to his online store which has more variety. I have purchased the toroidal transformer for my lathe conversion from him, as well as a complete 1000W 70V DC supply for my IH mill conversion. Good guy to deal with and reasonable prices!

APCircuits: Prototype PC Board outfit recommended by the guys at

ArtSoft: Windows XP and Windows 2000 CNC Controller Software: Mach. Support Page too.

Ashburn Industrial Repair: Make a nice parallel breakout board.

AutomationDirect: Raw materials for doing CNC conversions.

Automation4Less: HiWin linear slides, Rockford ballscrews, and other motion control components at good prices.

Automation Overstock: Great deals on linear rails and other motion control components including Rockford ballscrews.

Avatar Tools: Very inexpensive CNC ideal to control a lathe leadscrew aka “Frog”. Now defunct.

BishopWisecarver: Linear motion supplies, especially DualVee rails which are good for router and plasma tables. Note: IMService sells similar v-rails for these kind of tables. Also SuperiorBearing.

Blurry Customs: CNC Routers and Colombo Spindles.

BUWW Coverings: Way covers, wipers, bellows, enclosure kits, etc. Great prices on cables, fast delivery.

Campbell Designs: Makers of a very popular CNC breakout board.

Camsoft: PC + Windows based CNC controller software. A Mach competitor.

Camtronics: Components (servos, encoders, steppers) for converting mill drills and larger mills to CNC.

CandCNC: Electronic add-ons for Mach users. This firm is a partnership between Jim Cullens (popular breakout boards) and Tom Caudle (plasma torch height controller). Very nice stuff!

Can-Do Machinery Sales: Good deals on DRO’s. CNC conversions for knee mills.

CNC4PC: Lots of cool electronic gizmos that work with CNC. I used their boards for my CNC Mill project.

CNCBridges: Polymer concrete tables, bases, and expansion kits for Sieg X2 mills. Neat idea!

CNCDudez: Very cool stuff at budget prices. Some great educational stuff for beginners here too!

CNC Electronics LLC:  Fanuc and GE Fanuc parts services to America. Including AC alpha servo and spindle axis drive and pcbs, controls and master boards, systems power supply units, new CNC monitors for Mazak, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and many more. Services include exchange, parts, repair, testing, rebuild and surplus spares.

CNCFusion: Newer supplier of conversion kits for Asian tools.

CNCMaker: Imported CNC components and machines. Cheap high power servo drives for spindles.

CNCMasters: Awesome pendant, many other accessories for CNC, as well as finished small and larger mills.

CNCResource: Ballendo’s company. They sell a variety of goodies for the CNC hobbyist.

CNCTeknix: Some very nice turnkey servo driver boxes from the land down under.

DAK Engineering: Makers of TurboCNC, an inexpensive DOS-based solution. Nice article on a lathe conversion.

DesKAM / DeskCNC: CNC Software, image to CNC, font to CNC, Windows CNC driver board, and more.

Dumpster CNC: Leadscrew anti-backlash for for CNC.

EasyCAM: CAM software, including FilterMax, which converts short line moves to arcs to simplify and speed up g-code.

Elrod Machine: Lots of fascinating products for CNC retrofitting knee mills.

eMachineShop: An ASP-style CNC machine shop.

EZ-Router: Complete router tables and parts to build tables. Good deals on software. I bought Rhino3D from them.

Ferracci Machines USA: Ferraci is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of an Italian made machinery and equipment for the window and door industry and for the aluminum and steel industry as a whole.

Flashcut CNC: Turnkey CNC conversions. This is the one 5Bears picked.

Futurelec: Inexpensive step motor driver board.

GeckoDrive: Everyone’s favorite driver boards for CNC steppers and servo motors.

Granite Devices: Good looking servo drives. Can do step/dir as well as other formats.

Happ Controls: Industrial style pushbuttons and joysticks for arcade and gaming use.

High Quality at Low Prices: Hoss is buying spindle motors from this eBay store.

High Tech Systems: Cool mill accessories including a tooling quick change for R8 sized mills. Cool software for generating CAD drawings of gears.

Homann Designs: Australian company that makes ModIO, a USB-based way of extending Mach for more inputs and outputs. Also built a tool changer. Also see ModBusTools for things like ModBusPoll to help debug these beasts. Tool changer, power drawbar plans, and other goodies.

Home Shop CNC: Ballscrews, steppers, drivers, and other components. Good prices!

HS&S Machine Tool: Santa Clara shop selling ballscrews, servos, and a lot of other nifty tool stuff.

Hydraulic Design: Beautiful high-end Rhino3D tutorials.

Igus: CNC flexible cabling products. Very cool!

IMService: CNC Conversions, Mostly for Sherline. Software, Servo Motors, Power Supplies, and other parts. Digitizing probes including one there is Mach support for (a video is on the Mach support site).

K2CNC: Components, routers, Mach 3 tool touch off box, and many other unique items.

KabelSchlepp: Wire guide products like E-Chain. Also way wipers.

KB Electronics: Make some nice AC and DC motor controls suitable for spindle driving on CNC projects.

KDN Tool: CNC conversion kits and accessories for smaller mills.

Keling Technology: Asian imported technology like steppers. Great prices. Recommended by John Stevenson and others.

KellyWare: Simple CAM program and an RS-232 interface for Mach 3 called Max Stepper.

Kerk Motion: High precision low backlash leadscrews. A cool alternative to ballscrews for CNC conversions.

LarkenCNC: Lots of good stuff, especially servo drives. Also carry Perske Spindles, which are a higher quality but still reasonably priced router spindle.

LocoCNC: A new supplier of breakout boards and other CNC electronics.

Low Cost CNC Kits: Plasma and router kits using linear railing. They sell on eBay too.

Low Cost CNC Retrofits: Nice jog pendants and other CNC goodies.

Machine Tool Camp: Sell comprehensive plan kits for do-it-yourself CNCers.

McNeel North America: The folks who make Rhino 3D.

Misumi USA: Good prices on linear motion and other motion stuff. Brand new.

Mitee-Bite: Makers of inexpensive but good CNC fixture clamps for production.

Novedge: Online CAD/CAM software store with good prices.

OEMTech: The folks that make the NCPod, a USB breakout board for Mach 3.

Ohmikron: Small outfit with some nifty tech articles on CNC. They sell mostly driver electronics.

OneCNC: Makers of an awesome CAD/CAM package.

Parallax: Robotics projects. Check out their penguin!

Par-Metal: Inexpensive rack mount chassis.

Parts Express: Toroidal transformers and other goodies.

Plitron: Make toroidal transformers, but they are semi-custom and take time to deliver. See also “Parts Express”.

PMDX: CNC products: excellent DC power supply board, spindle sensors, breakout boards. Breakout boards mate directly to Geckos and are very neat, but cost more than Campbell designs. The DC power supply board is also very slick.

Probotix: CNC Stepper Motors and Stepper Motor Control Systems for HOBBY CNC projects. Their drives are well suited for CNC Foam Cutters , Small CNC Mills , CNC Lathes, CNC Routers, and Desktop PCB Engravers and Mills.

Robot Parts & Electronics: Motors, gearboxes, and other goodies. The motors look like they might make good servos.

Rogers Machine: Sells an encoder board and MPG’s compatible with Mach software. Board is made by “Sound Logic” in Grapevine.

Roton: Ball screw supplier. Some swear buy them, but say you have to call rather than email.

Rutex: Higher powered step/dir servo drives than Gecko.

SDP-SI: Lots of precision motion stuff–servos, bearings, ballscrews, timing pulleys, etc. Decent prices for new stuff.

Shumatech: The best deal on a DRO anywhere if you can run a soldering iron.

Skyko Technologies: Converters to adapt step/dir inputs to conventional analog servo amplifiers.

Specialty Motions, Inc.: Linear motion stuff, distributor prices to individuals for some items, all new.

Sterling Steele Engines & CNC Conversions: Mini-Mill & Mini-Lathe Conversion Plans.

SuperiorBearing: V-Groove railing systems for building plasma and router tables. Also linear slides and regular bearings.

SuperTech: CNC maker. SuperCAM is a Windows XP product that can optionally use the USB port.

Sure Servo: Asian made servos and controllers imported by AutomationDirect. Supposed to be a step up in power from the average Gecko system.

Syil: Sweet looking Sieg mills converted to CNC out of the box.

Taig CNC Mill: Nice smaller CNC mill for about $2K.

Technical Renovations: Make a cool oil skimmer and a nifty bar puller among other gizmos.

Technico: THK online store and other linear motion stuff.

Techno-Isel: Anti-backlash leadscrews and other linear motion components.

THK Online Store: Full on professional linear motion stuff. Prices to match.

Tormach: Complete CNC mill, fixed Z-depth R8 tooling, and components from their mill for your own conversion.

Ultimarc: IPAC hardware keyboard emulators for making CNC control panels.

US Digital: Make lots of CNC stuff. Cheap E4 encoders are one of their fortes.

Vectric: Cool and inexpensive photo carving software: Photo VCarve.

X-Keys: Cool custom controllers that act like a mouse and/or keyboards. Great for CNC pendants!

Xylotex: CNC retrofits for Taig & Sherline (possibly workable for others).

Manufacturers and Sellers: Engraving Supplies

2linc: One stop shop for engraving supplies of all kinds. Recommended by Hoss.

DeskEngrave by DeskKAM: This program converts TrueType (Windows) fonts to vector g-code or DXF. Recommended by Hoss.

Harvey Tool: Engraving cutters. Recommended by Hoss.

Panterials: 2-color plastics (such as used for name tags) and other engraving materials. Recommended by Hoss.

Manufacturers and Sellers: Specialty Items

Anderson Scrapers: The source for hand scrapers and straightedges for machine tool reconditioning.

Budget Casting Supply: Supplies for the home and small shop foundry.

Carr-Lane: Lots of cool jigs, fixtures, and specialized tools for machinists.

Caswell Plating: Anodizing, Powder Coating, Buffing, and other metal finishing supplies.

Catfish Hollow Toys: Steam engine kits and castings.

CCS Prints: Make a Browning Machine Gun model with a Ruger 10/22 for the guts.

D&E Model Drawings: Model Gatling guns.

Free Home Workshop Plans: pdf’s of a lot of the old Model Engineer projects and others.

Hemingway Kits: Nifty machine shop project kits including centering scope and many others.

InjectionMolder.Net: Benchtop plastic injection molder.

Jerry E. Howell: Plans for steam projects and tooling.

KBShips: Sell Stuart Steam engines and do custom work.

Linear Measurement Systems: Importers of the very fine Jenix DRO scales.

Macro Technologies: 30,000 rpm air spindles for milling machines. Slick!

Martin Model: Castings for machinist’s projects: Qorn cutter, surface plates, and angle blocks.

Metal Lathe: Castings for a variety of lathe tooling.

Michael Rainey Machinist Software: Like a Machinery’s Handbook that is a live calculator/spreadsheet. aka ME Pro

Ministeam: Many different steam engines, including Stuart.

Morrison Miniature Machines: Stuart model dealer. Also sell Myford and Sherline.

MachineRunner: Material handling. Machinery skates, palette jacks, industrial mailroom gear, etc.

Nifty Bar: Supposed to be a good supplier for ground, waterjet, and plasma cut stock.

Paragon Kilns: The knife making community swears by these for precision heat treating.

Peachtree Woodworking: Good prices on 12″ sanding discs.

PM Research: Manufacture steam engine kits.

Redwing Motor: Model engines and Sherline goodies.

Rol-A-Lift: Specialty equipment moving dollies that look really handy.

Sulfur Springs Steam: Dealers for live steam models including Stuart.

Tiny Power: Steam engine kits reminiscent of Stuart (aren’t they all?). They are pretty large scale.

Tiny Steam: Some very nice small steam engine kits.

Tooling University: Online instruction for machinists. Looks very cool, but I haven’t tried a lesson yet.

Working Precision Models: UK company selling castings and kits for engines and tooling.

Finishing Services: Anodize, Powder Coat, Heat Treat, Ceramics, etc.

Ano-Tech Metal Finishing: Anodizing shop in California. Recommended by someone who does very high quality work.

Caswell Plating: Supplies for plating and powder coating. Great user forums here too!

Columbia Coatings: Powder Coating Supplies.

Engine Ceramics: Ceramic engine coating services. Texas-based.

NIC Industries: Powder coaters. Developed the prismatic powders. Also offer ceramic coatings.

PK Selective: Fabulous anodizing shop in Santa Clara.

Tech Line Coatings: Full line of ceramic coating supplies for the do-it-yourselfer.

Northern California Local Suppliers

AC Manufacturing: A cnc machine shop specializing in precision CNC Machining. We cut all materials like aluminum and plastics and more difficult to machine materials like stainless steels, copper and Titanium with extreme precision using CAD/CAM software as well as the newest machine industry tools and equipment.

Bob Blackburn: Riggers recommended by Michael Moore
2605 Spring Street, Redwood City, CA

D&L Precision
2821 Fair Oaks Avenue, Redwood City, CA 650-444-5208
Machine tool rebuilders. Reground a guy’s Bridgeport ways for $700 with another $540 to hand scrape them in to 0.0005″.

Dunkle Cousins Inc. Safe & Machinery Moving: Another Bay Area rigger. 510 226 6683

Gerlinger Steel and Supply: Metalworking and Machinery dealer in Redding.

(510) 785-5100
Supposed to be the best machinery riggers in the Bay Area.

Rowe Machinery: Santa Cruz machine tool dealer.

Ryan Machinery: Aptos machine tool dealer. Lists on

Sims Metal Recycling: Supposed to be a good source for cheap aluminum and other material. 1900 Monterey Hwy San Jose, CA 95112 (408) 494-4200.

State Steel: Watsonville steel yard:

56 Porter Dr
Watsonville, CA 95076
(831) 724-7111

The Tech Shop: “Like a health club for geeks”. A co-operative machine shop in Menlo Park where you can join and go use their tools or take classes.

Watsonville Machine Shops: List of shops near me.

Knives, Knife Making and Damascus Steel Suppliers

A.G. Russel Knives: Lots of finished knives to choose from. Check out the knife encyclopedia as well.

American Buff International: Abrasives superstore. Swedish commercial makers of Damascus Damascus billet sales

Elishewitz Custom Creations: Cool high tech knives, pens, and watches made in a small machine shop.

Knifekits.comDaryl Ralph’s site. Really cool stuff for the knife hobbyist. Also good items for heat treating and precision grinding. Damascus billets.

Pop’s Knife Supplies: Not a huge inventory, but great prices on abrasives and other items. US Agent for Damasteel.  Includes price list


Alltronics: Many different odd surplus electronics, motors, hydraulics, and CNC components.

Halted Specialties
3500 Ryder St. in Santa Clara (408-732-1573)
Variety of surplus electronics of various kinds including stepper motors and the like.

LaserMotion: Servo motors and other surplus items.

MPJA: Lots of quasi surplus and other cheap electronics & components.

Oatley Electronics: Surplus electronics and CNC-related items. DC motors may be suitable for large servos or used to make an electric scooter.

Surplus Center: A scrounger’s paradise: motors, servos, hydraulics, gear boxes, you name it. Another surplus dealer.

Triangle Machine: Industrial surplus
1051 Commercial Ct. San Jose, CA 95112 Phone: (408) 452-8666 Hours: 09:00-17:00, Mon-Sat.
Industrial machinery parts & tools, motors, actuators, soldering gear, controllers, power supplies, some test equipment, hand tools, solenoids, tubing, valves and regulators.


101 Trailer Sales: Monterey

Bil-Jax: Elevating platform trailers.

D2 Trailer Sales: Galt

Lift-A-Load Trailers: Elevating platform trailers.

Performance Specialty: Orland

Trailevator: Elevating platform trailers.


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