A log of what changed with each new version from newest to oldest. Remember, G-Wizard tells you when you need to upgrade with a message in the top right corner of the screen.

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10/12/2023: Release 5.51

  • Feature:  Added Tapping Drill info for STI Helicoil threads in GW Thread Calculator.
  • Feature:  Added Major Dia info for STI Helicoil threads in GW Thread Calculator.
  • Fixed a bug in Minor Dia for STI Helicoil threads in GW Thread Calculator.

6/30/2023: Release 5.50

  • Feature:  Added Ball Gauge Calculator.
  • Feature:  Interim F360.csv importer for Tool Crib
  • Modified About so it shows ownership of Thread Calc.
  • New Code Signing Certificate
  • New Material:  5160 Spring Steel
  • New Material:  ToughMet 3

8/19/2022: Release 5.45

  • Feature:  Added the ability to import machine profiles from CSV files.
  • New Machine Profile:  Mazak VQC-15/40 VMC
  • New Machine Profile:  ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC machine profile
  • New Machine Profile:  Bantam Tools CNC desktop machine
  • Bug Fix: Gives excessive stickout warning for HSS with a carbide tool selected.
  • Bug Fix:  Indexable Dovetail Bug. You can create dovetails, but the initial change doesn’t show in the Tool Editing popup for Tool Crib.
  • Bug Fix:  When you select a PCD twist drill you get PCD End mill tip types.
  • Bug Fix:  it won’t save “Router” (reverts to Mill) in the easy setup mode.
  • Bug Fix:  E2 and E5 were off on NPT threads.
  • Bug Fix:  Redid NPT Tap Drill Sizes
  • Bug Fix:  Fixed re-entrancy issue with downloading csv files.

7/25/2022: Release 5.42

5/2/2022: Release 5.41

  • Tool Torque in metric should’ve been Nm not nm.
  • Fixed a bug where GWC had quit showing the alloy or wood species on the material selector.
  • Made some UI tweaks on lathes.  They shouldn’t show vacuum mini-calc and they need to say when turning that the diameter is the material’s diameter, not the tool’s.
  • Fixed a Tool Crib bug where it did not correctly save inventory quantity for each tool.

3/10/2022: Release 5.35

  • Fixed a bug in material selection.  It would fail if you selected an alloy.

3/8/2: Release 5.33

  • Swapped E5 and E2 on tapered thread graphic. Adjust calculations accordingly.
  • Added Incoloy A286 material.
  • Bug Fixed:  If you have an “Empty Toolholder” in a crib and try to access the crib it infinite loops due to a missing check in lookupSFM.

2/2/2: Release 5.30

  • Added 31 new species of wood from Australia.
  • On Threads Tab, you can use the Basic/Premium button at top right to see the difference in behavior between the built-in Thread support for G-Wizard and the add-on Thread Calculator module.
  • Fixed bugs that created discrepancies between selected crib and selected tool.
  • Machine Profile UI Fix:  It could be unclear about the units for machine weight, displaying both lb and kg.
  • Fixed issues if Stickout is 0 in Tool Crib.  G-WIzard will convert those 0 stickouts to length of flute + 1 diameter.
  • Fixed a timing issue that would sometimes return 0 feeds and speeds.
  • Improved Find results in Tool Crib to make searching for tools better.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t enter the TiAlN coating type.
  • Added machine profiles for Mitsui Seiki HU63A-5X, Wegstr, and Southwestern Industries, Inc. TRAKTM 2 OP M11 Milling Machine.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented editing some fields via keyboard when in metric units.

12/23/21: Release 5.26

  • On Threads Tab, you can now save all the information on the reports tab in a CSV file.  This makes it convenient for printing or other purposes.
  • On Threads Tab, Flats Ht measurement arrows were missing on internal threads.  Also tweaked some other layout issues.
  • Shows more detail on alloys and conditions or wood species chosen on material selector.
  • Fixed a bug where some titles weren’t visible on the Helical Mini-Calc.
  • Fixed a bug where the Optimizer wasn’t respecting the HSM Stepover limit (set in Setup Other).
  • Fixed a bug that turned off HSM whenever units were changed.

12/1/21: Release 5.23

  • Special Offer tab.
  • Updated plastic feeds and speeds for turning tools to be a little more conservative.

11/4/21: Release 5.20 (Mandatory Release)

  • Removed the Integrate tab.
  • Added an additional decimal place to IPT for micro-milling users.
  • Fixed Weights Calculator which had stopped recalculating.
  • Coolant options were not being shown for Twist Drills.

10/4/21: Release 5.13 

  • One button Material selection.

9/23/21: Release 5.110 

  • Added Amana Spektra Coating
  • Fixed a bug in F360 import that gave chamfer tools the wrong diameter.
  • Added African Blackwood to Materials.

8/16/21: Release 5.103 

  • Added ISO Material Families and Codes on the Material menus.
  • Help should never say “No Help”.  If there is no specific it takes you to the Help homepage.
  • Added MillRight Mega V and ShopSabre IS 408 machine profiles.
  • Changed new release download process so download is always done manually. G-Wizard will simply take you to the correct web page to do the download.
  • Bug fix:  Sometimes the exit “X” on window stopped working.
  • Bug fix:  Fixed a problem in CADCAM Hole Wizard where it would sometimes hang during calculation and not produce a result.
  • Bug fix:  Cut KB’s “Add” function was showing no Cut Types when the machine was a router.

7/13/21: Release 5.101

  • Bug fix:  Problems importing F360.tsv.
  • Bug fix:  Tool Crib Imperial/Metric Issues

6/7/21: Release 5.099

  • Added Ooznest Workbee machine profile
  • Added Haas Super Mini Mill 2
  • Added Haas DM-2
  • Added Next Wave CNC Shark HD510
  • Added norway spruce Picea abies to Material DB
  • UX:  Moved Reset to Defaults button up under Gas Pedal
  • Bug fix:  Was ignoring TiAlN, AlTiN, and AlCrN coatings in some cases.
  • Bug fix:  There were some odd jumps in feeds and speeds going from 99% Tortoise Hare to 100%.
  • Bug fix:  Feedrate and RPM’s sometimes erroneously red.
  • Bug fix:  In some color schemes, Cut Width and Cut Depth were invisible.
  • Bug fix:  In CADCAM Wizards if cut depth < finish allowance it was unable to find a viable solution.
  • Bug fix:  Found a few cases where CADCAM Wizards feeds and speeds were lower than if you double clicked and looked at them in Feeds / Speeds tab.
  • Bug fix:  F360 .tsv libraries changed format.  This fix allows us to import again.
  • Bug fix:  Setting TiAlN coating on non-carbide or non-endmills is possible, but gives 0 feeds and speeds.  Changed it so it ignores the TiAlN in those cases.  This allows you to track it in the Tool Library and still get feeds and speeds.

4/17/21: Release 5.094 (PC Beta Release)

Because of the very large number of changes since the last (v5.084) release, this is a Beta release.  The download page requires you to ask for it specifically by pushing a button to get it.

– Added TiB2 (Alumastar) coating type.

– Added Hardlube coating type.

– Added AlCrN coasting type.

– Tool Crib search now searches when <Enter> is hit.  Used to require a mouse click.

– Tool Crib search will now ensure that when it finds a result, the result is visible in the grid.  If nothing is found, it will popup a “Not Found” message.

– Restored some of the fields that were being hidden in Easy Mode:  Adj. Chipload, MRR, and Eff. Dia.

– CNC Routers limit CADCAM Wizard cut depths to 1 x D in any metal.

– CADCAM Wizard’s Machine limits on end mill size will be ignored if user overrides by selecting a tool.

– Cut Width and Cut Depth are in Red if value is 0 to remind user to set a value.

– Fixed a bug that prevented changing Tool Table in popup Tool selector for Feeds/Speeds.

– Added the ability to double click a tool in Tool Crib lists to select that tool for Speeds/Feeds.

– Fixed an off by one error when searching in Tool Crib.

– Improved Feeds and Speeds for solid endmills with over 4 flutes.

12/28/20: Release 5.084 (Mandatory PC Release)

– New Digital Code Signing Certificate good through 2023. Note: if you have a certificate error on install, uninstall G-Wizard using the Windows Control Panel and try again.

– Added Tool Crib Filtering.

– Added a bunch of stainless tool steels for knife makers: CPM20CV/M390 CPM S90VN CPM110V AEB-L CTS-XHP

– Added Haas Super Mini Mill machine profile.

– Add Onfinity Woodworker machine profile.

– Add Eurotech 730 Sle profle

– Add profile for the Biglia 1999 lathe 510

– Add machine: MicroProto Systems VSS MicroMill DSLS 3000AB milling machine

– Add machine ProtoTRAK DPM V5

11/27/20: Release 5.083 (PC Release)

– Fixed a bug in calculating deflection in metric. G-Wizard was too conservative vs Imperial.

– Fixed a problem introduced by 5.082 that caused “To Crib” to fail sometimes.

– Fixed a number of issues relating to double click on a result in CADCAM Wizards.

11/24/20: Release 5.082 (PC Release)

– Fixed a bug where switching to Tool Crib for first time missed some of the tool parameters in the selected tool.

– Fixed the runaway window expansion bug when double clicking over from CADCAM results to Feeds/Speeds.

– Fixed a bug where double clicking a result in 3D surface CADCAM Wizard to Feeds/Speeds sent wrong Cut Width because it ignored the effective diameter of the ballnose.

11/9/20: Release 5.080 (PC Release)

– Retuned some of the rpm and feedrate penalties for deeper endmill cuts with low engagement for higher performance.

– Added European terminology for 4340. e.g. EN24T.

– Fixed a bug in European steel terminology.

– Added Wabeco F1210C machine profile.

– If SFM is 0, the min rpm message will recommend a 0 diameter which is nonsense. Don’t recommend anything smaller than 0.125.

11/5/20: Release 5.079 (Beta PC Release)

– More aggressive feedrates on some cuts. This is the Beta Test part.

– Added a Type column to the Machine Selector popup.

– Added Monterey Cypress to the Wood Database.

11/4/20: Release 5.078 (PC Release)

– Updated a number of the numeric fields in Feeds / Speeds so they change by +/- 5% instead of 0.0001. Nicer feel.

– Added Citizen Cincom M32VIII machine profile.

– Added a Machine Concierge button to bottom of machine profiles page.

– Fixed a bug that would sometimes limit new logins to a prior login that only had Lite.

10/24/20: Release 5.076 (PC Release)

– Behaves better when Login Server times out.

10/22/20: Release 5.075 (PC Release)

– Fixed a display bug in the Tool Crib Tool Editor.

– Fixed some metric bugs.

– Added Rolan EGX-360 to machines list.

10/19/20: Release 5.074 (PC Release)

– Fixed some save bugs in new machine profile UI.

– Fixed a bug that made Safe Mode sometimes not display in CADCAM Wizards.

10/15/20: Release 5.073 (PC Release)

– Stopped erasing the login when it fails to make it easier to retry or correct a minor misspelling.

– Fixed a timing glitch in logins.

– Improved the simple Machine Profile UI.

10/9/20: Release 5.072 (PC Release)

– Implement Easy/Powerful mode for Tool Crib.

– Fix problems reported by Beta: Double Click in CADCAM Wizards, a few login problems, and miscellaneous cosmetic problems.

10/2/20: Release 5.070 (Beta Test PC Release)

– More changes and improvements to experimental Easy/Powerful switch in Setup.

– Added a number of Copper alloys to the Materials DB.

9/26/20: Release 5.067 (Feathered PC Release)

– Changes and improvements to experimental Easy/Powerful switch in Setup.

– Fixed a bug that sometimes blocked changing non-crib endmill settings on CADCAM Wizards.

– Fixed a bug that sometimes blocked the Add / Delete from My Shop buttons from appearing.

9/18/20: Release 5.066 (Feathered PC Release)

– New experimental Easy/Powerful switch in Setup.

– Fixed a bug selecting Tool Crib tools.

– Fixed a bug in v5.06x that was causing tool deflection to always come out as 0.

9/15/20: Release 5.053 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a bug where some coating and tool material combinations resulted in 0 surface speed.

9/1/20: Release 5.052 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added support for Annular Cutters such as Rotabroach.

– Fixed a bug where double clicking a ballnose in the 3D Surface CADCAM Wizard came up as non-ballnose in Feeds/Speeds.

8/20/20: Release 5.051 (Feathered PC Release)

– Add a Costing area to the Tool Crib tool definitions. Currently it has Job Code and Price Paid fields.

– Usability fix: if My Shop is empty on machine selector show the big list of machines instead.

– Modified the “My Shop” function of the machine selector so you can only change My Shop when you launch the machine selector from the Setup tab. This keeps data integrity when using shared preferences folders.

8/18/20: Release 5.050 (Feathered PC Release)

– Usability improvement: Made the move tool table and rename tool table popups wider.

– Fixed a bug that made it impossible to rename tool tables.

– Reversed a bug introduced in 5.048 that made some CADCAM Wizards stop recalculating in certain conditions.

8/10/20: Release 5.048 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added Okuma Genos M560-V machine profile.

– Added Copper 101 in several conditions to Material DB.

– Fixed a bug that caused it to sometimes fail to save changes to the CADCAM Wizards crib list.

– Fixed a bug where Tool Crib selection was sometimes blank at startup.

– Fixed a bug where creating a new tool would sometimes change the Tool Crib selection.

8/5/20: Release 5.047 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added new machine profiles for Fanuc Robodrill, Makino ns45, and Mactec.

– Fixed a problem where Safe Mode was incorrectly calculating safe horsepower on machines with less than 1 Horsepower spindles.

7/21/20: Release 5.046 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a problem where shared folder didn’t change when edited until next session.

7/15/20: Release 5.045 (Feathered PC Release)

– Add machine profiles for Haas VF-7 and Ghost Gunner 2 and 3.

– Added heat treated S-7 steel to material list.

– Fixed a bug in shared preferences for the Tool Crib that could lock you out of editing a Tool erroneously.

– Fixed bugs that prevented the Tool Crib Probe and Thread filters from showing all the tools they should.

7/1/20: Release 5.044 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a bug in shared preferences to make the file locking more bulletproof.

6/29/20: Release 5.043 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added incremental search to Machine Selector to help navigating the long lists of machines.

– Introduced Concierge Machine Profiles: We’ll build you a machine profile for free upon request.

– Added many new machine profiles including OpenBuilds, Axiom, Sain Smart, Avid CNC, and some missing Shapeoko profiiles.

– Ballnose MRR and Deflection calculations are now more accurate. They were too conservative in prior versions.

– Fixed a bug that caused the spindle power curve settings to not always track properly in the UI.

6/27/20: Release 5.042 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added the ability to Download Tool Families and pre-defined Tool Cribs from CNCCookbook. Just click the Download button on either the Tool Crib page or the Tool Family popup.

– Created pre-defined crib and Family info so you can get Feeds and Speeds on the 8 most popular Spoilboard Bits from our survey.

– Turned off lead angle and corner radius compensation when using Mfg numbers.

– Fixed a number of edge case bugs to get spoilboard cutters working more smoothly with CNC Routers.

– Improved behavior of Tool Families by fixing various bugs and refining the algorithms a bit. It can do more with fewer examples now.

6/20/20: Release 5.041 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added latest Tomrach machines to default machines list. You will need this release plus click the download at bottom of machine profiles to get the new machines.

– Fixed a bug that made some duplicates in the machine list from time to time.

– Fixed a bug when you copy tools in the Tool Crib that made all the copies behave just like first one even if you changed some of their parameters.

6/14/20: Release 5.040 (Feathered PC Release)

– Got rid of the old Cut Optimizer popup in favor of the speedo buttons next to the parameters we can optimize (Cut Width, Cut Depth, Stickout, and Tortoise Hare Slider).

– Added the ability to optimize Stickout and Tortoise Hare Slider.

– Made Tool Crib cutter selection for CADCAM Wizards smarter. They will prefer carbide over HSS, coated over non-coated, and more flutes over fewer so long as it isn’t too many flutes.

– Updated help and user docs for CADCAM Wizards considerably.

– Fixed a bug that prevented CADCAM Thread Wizard from giving results.

6/3/20: Release 5.033 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a bug that could cause stickout to be set to flute length.

– Fixed a bug that could cause non-ballnose tools to be selected from crib on CADCAM 3D Surface Wizard.

– Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause coated carbide V-Bits to be treated as HSS Endmills.

6/1/20: Release 5.032 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a bug that could cause crib tools to underperform generic tools.

5/31/20: Release 5.031 (Feathered PC Release)

– Updated online help for Setup, Feeds/Speeds, and CADCAM Wizards.

5/29/20: Release 5.021 (Silent / Beta PC Release)

– CADCAM Wizards can now choose tool crib tools from a list of cribs. The first match wins.

– Several minor bug fixes to Tips and to CADCAM Wizards.

5/13/20: Release 5.010 (Silent / Beta PC Release)

– First release with the ability for CADCAM Wizards to choose a tool from the Tool Crib. To use the feature, you must specify a crib in the CADCAM Setup tab (next to Face Mill tab). It will only choose solid endmills for roughing and finishing. No twist drills or other tool types.

– Added C84400, C83300, and C85700 to Material DB.

– Hid Time column in CADCAM Wizard results grid when not in G-Wizard Estimator.

– Remove description box from Weights & Volumes when not in G-Wizard Estimator.

– Switched CADCAM Pocket Finish Pass, CADCAM 3D Surface, and CADCAM 2D Profile to use Ramp instead of Helix entry.

– Added a hint so users know that they need non-zero Cut Width and Depth to get Feeds and Speeds.

5/4/20: Release 5.000 (Feathered PC Release)

– New Tool Crib Tool selector in Feeds/Speeds has all the fields for each tool.

– Add units to several of the Mini-Calcs. More to come.

– Fixed several bugs having to do with selecting tools from the crib.

– Lots of behind the scenes work to make automatic selection of Tool Crib tools by CADCAM Wizards possible.

– Fixed a bug that showed the wrong icon to show for Chamfer / Countersink tools.

– Fixed a number of problems in Sine Bar calculator when operating in metric.

4/18/20: Release 4.997 (Feathered PC Release)

– There’s now a filter option on Tool Cribs to filter by operation type. Just click the graphical icon on the top right to see a popup with the filter options.

– Lots of minor updates to improve metric support for Chatter Calculator, CADCAM Wizards, Effective Diameter on Feeds/Speeds tab.

– Improved several of the icons for different tool types in Tool Crib.

– G-Wizard was using the right numbers when calculating horsepower for G-Wizard Lite, but the indication in Setup About was wrong. Since it differs based on whether your machine is a mill/router or lathe, Setup About now refers you to Feeds/Speeds to see the limit based on your machine.

– Per customer request, the popup graphical tool selection material now has a maximum size so it will make better use of screen real estate on large screens.

– Fixed a bug that could cause CADCAM Wizards to use a larger endmill size than allowed on the Setup menu for roughing.

4/12/20: Release 4.996 (Feathered PC Release)

– F360 Tool Library Import is out of Beta Test!

– Added noCutDia to Tool Crib

– Added Coolant Mode and Coolant Support fields to Tool Crib

– Added Taper Angle 2, Tip Length, and Shoulder Length to Tool Crib

– Revised GWC Tool Crib Documentation Page

4/10/20: Release 4.995 (Beta PC Release)

– F360 Tool Library Import now supports Taper Angle. Early versions ignored it.

– F360 Tool Library Import adjusts for differences in how F360 interprets tool diameter on tapered tools vs G-Wizard.

– Added metric support to Property List in Tool Crib.

– Made units switch automatically for both grids in Tool Crib.

– Added unit conversion to Tool Family popup. More needed.

– Fixed problem that gave non-zero feeds and speesd when Cut Depth or Cut Width are zero. It was confusing for some users.

4/9/20: Release 4.994 (Beta PC Release)

– F360 Tool Library Import will now keep going if it hits a bad tool. It’ll tell you which tool was bad, but it will import the good tools. Prior releases were all tools or nothing.

– Fixed a bug that caused Feeds/Speeds to ignore Tool Crib selection until you visited the Tool Crib tab.

4/8/20: Release 4.993 (Beta PC Release)

– Fixed a bug importing F360 Tool Libraries with metric dimensions.

4/7/20: Release 4.992 (Beta PC Release)

– First version with F360 Tool Library import.

4/5/20: Release 4.991 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added a bunch of new Tool Crib fields:

o Comment

o Clockwise: Tells whether the tool should be spun clockwise (true) or counter-clockwise (false).

o Shoulder Length: For non-cutting length of tool

o Taper Angle 2

o Tip Length

o Product Link: You can save a web link to the tool. Click “Open” button in Tool Crib Tool Editor to visit it.

– New Material: 1084 steel

– New Material: ASTM A500 Square Steel Tubing

– New Material: Stainless 321. ASTM A182 F321.

– CADCAM Wizards Hole Wizard will now step diameters by Tool Sizes.

– Warn against more than 3 flutes on all non-ferrous metals (was just aluminum).

– Fixed some problems double clicking CADCAM Wizards to get to Feeds/Speeds view.

3/13/20: Release 4.990 (Feathered PC Release)

– Took out Google and Facebook login option. They were confusing too many people.

– Added additional detail messages when CADCAM Wizards returns a “No viable” answer.

– Reduced rubbing limit for indexable tooling.

– Improved CADCAM Turning Wizards for threading, grooving, and parting.

– Fixed some bugs in CADCAM Wizards that prevented the double click drilldown to view the results on Feeds/Speeds tab.

3/6/20: Release 4.989 (Feathered PC Release)

– Recalibrated the Indexable tooling Feeds and Speeds for Woods and Plastics so they can be used for Spoilboard Surfacing Tools.

– Changed the Tool Diameter setting so that the up/down arrows select valid sizes from the Size popup. This is much more useful than going up or down by a tenth or a thousandth of an inch (or metric equivalent).

2/24/20: Release 4.988 (Feathered PC Release)

– Many improvements to “Safe Mode” for Beginners and Small CNC Machines.

– Made CADCAM Wizards smart enough to choose a smaller diameter tool to avoid going below Min RPM limit on High Speed Spindles.

– Fixed some bugs that made double click to transfer from CADCAM to Feeds/Speeds give surprising results.

2/18/20: Release 4.987 (Feathered PC Release)

– Implemented “Safe Mode” for Beginners, folks using small CNC’s, and anyone who wants maximum conservatism.

2/14/20: Release 4.986 (Feathered PC Release)

– Full Thread Calculator support for NPT Threads. For example, the Report pane is there with many new thread measurements.

– Made G-Wizard Feeds/Speeds a little less aggressive when drilling some Stainless grades.

– Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause G-Wizard to refuse to exit, particularly on Win 10.

2/5/20: Release 4.982 (Feathered PC Release)

– Improved UI for Tapered Threads on Thread Tab.

– Fixed a bug that would sometimes trigger GWLite mode if renewal was after expiration of prior subscription.

1/30/20: Release 4.981 (Silent PC Release)

– Added Thread Starts capability to Thread Calculator.

– Fixed an error in calculating NPT pipe thread pitch diameters. Only affected certain sizes.

– Fixed a bug on corner radius setting for feeds/speeds.

– Labels on tool diagram not showing up in all color themes. Fixed.

– Fixed a bug in CADCAM Wizards OD Turn Wizard that caused it to calculate the wrong number of passes.

– Fixed a bug that prevented selecting Carbide Spade Drills.

1/13/20: Release 4.98 (Feathered PC Release)

– Added unit indicators to all fields on the Machine Profile and Feeds/Speeds pages.

– Improved UI and layout on the Threads tab for Measurement Over Wires and Tap Drills.

1/6/20: Release 4.96 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a problem that could sometimes cause CADCAM Wizards to generate a recipe that exceeds the HP limit.

1/3/20: Release 4.96 (Feathered PC Release)

– Updated Getting Started tours to make them match the Trial emails better.

– Added new Getting Started tour for Chatter.

12/23/19: Release 4.95 (Silent PC Release)

– Updated Getting Started tours to make them smoother and easier to use for Trials.

– Fixed a bug that made it nearly impossible to run offline.

11/14/19: Release 4.92 (Silent PC Release)

– Mocked up UI to allow CADCAM Wizards to choose tools from Tool Crib.

– Fixed a bug that was causing some of the limit alarms in Feeds/Speeds to fail.

– Bring up validated users in Feeds/Speeds at startup.

11/14/19: Release 4.91 (Silent Mac Release)

– Make it install on Catalina. This is only interim.

10/16/19: Release 4.9 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a bug where helix angle was not treated properly on metric machines.

– Quit loading g-code macro variables in GW Calculator. They’re only needed by Editor.

– Fixed a bug where correct graphic of some turning tools was not being shown.

– Suppressed version update at end of session for Macs. While the Mac version isn’t released as I write this, I believe this will help Mac Users having problems exiting G-Wizard cleanly.

10/16/19: Release 4.89 (Feathered PC Release)

– Improved login UI so it is more informative about why logins fail.

– Fixed a couple tool selection menu bugs.

– Added a hint to help folks know when they have too much stickout on a tool.

– Added cross-referencing to the Alloy menu for more metal naming standards such as ASTM, CMS2, NEWBS, OLDBS, ISO, UNS, Werk Nr, DIN, AFNOR, UNI, and JIS.

10/3/19: Release 4.86 (Feathered PC Release)

– Fixed a couple bugs in Geometry menu for Feeds/Speeds.

9/16/19: Release 4.85 (Silent PC Release)

– Fixed a bug where some of the endmill tip shapes like Ballnose were running too slowly.

– Fixed a bug where selecting a cobalt twist drill and then going back to a carbide endmill created problems with tool material selection on future tool selections.

8/9/19: Release 4.84 (Silent PC Release)

– Fixed a bug where some of the endmill alternate tip types (e.g. Serrated Rougher) would get translated HSS Endmill.

8/8/19: Release 4.83 (Silent PC Release)

– Onboarding improvements with Getting Started. It will show until trial is over or all lessons are completed. It had a bug that would check off the Setup and Examples prematurely–fixed that.

8/5/19: Release 4.82 (PC Release)

– Made Tool Crib a top level tab so you no longer need to go through Setup to get to it.

– Tool Crib search now checks all text fields to make it easier to find tools.

– Added some onboarding to present a tip that helps new trial users learn how to use the Tool Crib sooner.

– Added Sherline 5000 Mill to the pre-defined machine profiles.

– Fixed a bug in the Cut Optimizer that meant it was looking at rpms incorrectly in some cases.

7/19/19: Release 4.81 (PC Release)

– Ability to set a Tool Table type in Tool Crib.

– Ability for a Tool Table to have a fixed number of slots, for example so it can represent an Automatic Tool Changer on a machine.

– “All Tools” checkbox on Tool Crib shows all tools in all crib tables. This makes it easier to search across all tables or to find tools across all tables.

– Added an “Empty Slot” tool type to show when a slot is empty (e.g. for Automatic Tool Changers).

– Fixed a bug that prevented saving Helix Angle and OAL in Tool Crib.

– Made UI more clear that you can either set the hardness or the alloy of a material, but not both.

7/1/19: Release 4.80 (PC Release)

– Minor bug fix release.

6/26/19: Release 4.79 (PC Release)

– Fixed a bug in Indexable tooling feeds & speeds.

6/19/19: Release 4.77 (PC Release)

– Fixed a bug that prevented changing diameter on indexable tooling for graphical tool menu.

6/17/19: Release 4.76 (PC Beta Release)

– Fixed some bugs when selecting Tool Crib tools.

– Fixed a bug that limited performance of TiAlN and HP Carbide Endmills for HSM.

6/13/19: Release 4.74 (PC Beta Release)

– Add Tool Crib Types and Max Slots. Slots functionality is not yet operational. Types will help make it possible to keep up with the physical location of any tool in your shop. Types can include specific storage areas, bins, tool carts, and machine toolchangers. Create a tool table for every tool storage location in your shop and assign the tools to those tables to reflect their physical location.

– Made minor UI changes to Tool Crib functions to make them more usable.

– Tool tables are no longer machine specific. You don’t have to declare them for mills or lathes.

– Add Usibor 1500P / 22MnB5 boron steel to Material DB.

– Fixed a couple bugs from 4.73 that made coatings difficult to use.

– Fixed a bug that blocked use of HSM feeds & speeds.

5/30/19: Release 4.73 (PC Beta Release)

– Serious work on Tool Crib means graphical menus for both Mill and Lathe. Plus all tools, mill and lathe, are available no matter what type of machine you have. The graphical menus for Lathe Tools (Turning, Parting, Grooving, Threading, and Boring) are all new.

– Added a new set of Tool Crib fields to track Tool Holders. These include the Tool Holder Type, Tool Holder Description, Tool Holder Length, and Tool Holder Diameter. These are purely informational and are not used in Feeds & Speeds calculations.

– Fixed a layout problem where the Sizes button was getting clipped.

– Fixed a number of Tool Crib-related bugs and UI issues reported by customers.

– Fixed a bug where G-WIzard window didn’t repaint properly when maximized.

4/23/19: Release 4.72 (Mandatory PC Release)

– Did a total re-layout of Feeds/Speeds app to make it visually more friendly and easier to follow.

– Removed “Simplify” and “Rigidity” widgets from Feeds/Speeds. They were clutter that added little value and were seldom being used.

4/17/19: Release 4.71 (PC Release)

– Fixed a bug that prevented changing the tool’s material type. Introduced in 4.68, fixed next day.

– Fixed a couple other obscure tool crib bugs.

4/16/19: Release 4.68 (PC Release)

– New “My Shop” on Machine Selector lets you configure just the machines in your shop.

– Added Helix Angle to tool geometry. Calculations now take advantage of it, especially tool deflection.

– Added a new machine profile for Shapeoko with Carbide Compact Router for spindle.

– Added new tool types: “Probe”, “Other”, and “Empty Toolholder.” These are all non-cutting and give 0 rpm, 0 ipm feeds and speeds.

– Fixed several open Tool Crib bugs.

4/12/19: Release 4.67 (PC Beta Release)

Beta release with more new Tool Crib features:

– Two pane display lets you see more about a single tool without scrolling and mimics the way most CAM Tool Libraries work.

– Tool Drop Down menu label now incorporates geometry information to make it more obvious to tell what’s going on at a glance.

– Added a new Tool “Status” field that will be used to help manage inventory. It’s values include, “OK” (OK to use), “No Consumable” (needs sharpening or new inserts), “Broken”, “Service”, “Other”, “Borrowed”.

4/11/19: Release 4.66 (PC Beta Release)

Beta release with new Tool Crib features:

– Graphical tool type icons

– Tool Table Menu lists tables in alphabetical order

– New field “Overall Length”.

3/30/19: Release 4.62 (PC Silent Release)

– Turned off modal setup to see if new users like it better.

3/25/19: Release 4.61 (PC & Mac Release)

– Add Geometry thumbnails for Saws & Woodruff Cutters, Indexable Drills, and Gun Drills.

– Fixed some readability bugs on Surface Finish Mini-Calc.

3/21/19: Release 4.6 (PC Only Feathered Release)

– Did a major revamp on Deflection with a bunch of new settings under Setup Other. Their function is described in our Tool Deflection tutorial.

– Now display the Deflection Limit next to the deflection value on Feeds / Speeds page.

– Fixed a bug which prevented downloading new machine profiles in some cases.

3/19/19: Release 4.591 (PC Only Feathered Release)

– Boosted indexable tooling performance.

– Increase max spindle rpm to 200,000 rpm on Machine Profiles.

– Added checking for tool column of crib files. Garbage in that column could cause all kinds of problems.

– Fixed a bug where feedrates in seconds rather than minutes option was not always being saved.

2/7/19: Release 4.59 (PC Only Feathered Release)

– Added PCD Drills.

– Made CADCAM 2D Profiling Wizards smarter about using multiple passes to get around some obstacles.

– Fixed a bug in display of Mean Minor Diameter on Thread Wizard

– Fixed a bug where login could stop without a message if Cloud access was spotty.

1/26/19: Release 4.58 (PC Only Feathered Release)

– Fixed a bug that was creating duplicate entries in the Machine List.

1/10/19: Release 4.56 (PC Only Feathered Release)

– Fixed a bug in CADCAM Wizards that made them choose extremely light cuts. This bug hadn’t been there very long, but it greatly reduced the MRR’s possible with CADCAM Wizards.

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