G-Wizard Estimator (GWEst) Change Log and Release Notes

A log of what changed with each new version from newest to oldest. Remember, G-Wizard tells you when you need to upgrade with a message in the top right corner of the screen. If you need the latest version, it can be installed frothis page.

Change Log

4/3/20: Release 0.866 (PC Only)

– Got Tapping Op working.

– You can now use Shared Preferences to share Machine Profiles and other info with your other G-Wizard software.

– Many bugs fixed.

4/2/20: Release 0.864 (PC Only)

– Massive update basically makes it possible to edit all ops.

– Many bugs fixed.

3/14/20: Release 0.86 (PC Only)

– Brought GW Estimimator up to date with all the GW Calculator updates.

4/16/19: Release 0.85 (PC Only)

– Brought GW Estimimator up to date with all the GW Calculator updates

3/28/19: Release 0.84 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Brought GW Estimator up to date with all the GW Calculator updates to the core feeds and speeds engine.

9/4/18: Release 0.823 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Factored in tool change times on Machining Ops

– Material ops added with option to mark up material cost.

– Added Chamfer option to 2D Profile and Pocket Ops. The tool is selected in the Options for Machining Ops.

– Added “New” button to clear all the estimate data to create a new estimate.

– Default Shop Rate defined in Cost DB and used throughout.

– Fixed numerous bugs and non-working features.

5/22/18: Release 0.822 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Initial mock-up of Reports Tab

– More Add Op UI refinements and bug fixing

– Implemented Rough Cut Op

– Implemented “Custom” Machining Op that can do anything Feeds/Speeds can do.

– Initial implementation of Cost DB

– Added Inspection op type

– Rewrote the User Guide for GW Estimator

5/6/18: Release 0.821 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Minor fixes and refinements to 0.82.

5/5/18: Release 0.82 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Major UI overhaul of all the op creation.

– Added tapping and thread milling to the Hole feature.

– Ability to either save operations with a quantity value or blow them out as individual ops.

– Range selection and delete of ops using Ctrl + Click and Shift + Click.

– Merge components and consumables ops

– Merged Finish and Coating ops

– Added lots of new Finish op types

– Moved Feeds/Speeds under utilities

– Completely redid Op Picker UX for more efficient use of real estate and easier operation.

– Op-creation window is now a non-modal that can be setup side-by-side with the list of ops in the quote..

4/6/18: Release 0.8 (Mandatory, PC Only)

– Bug fixes, UX improvements, and sync with latest GW Calculator Engine.

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