G-Wizard Estimator (GWEst) Change Log and Release Notes

A log of what changed with each new version from newest to oldest. Remember, G-Wizard tells you when you need to upgrade with a message in the top right corner of the screen. If you need the latest version, it can be installed frothis page. We make one earlier version available via this page.

Change Log

4/3/20: Release 0.866 (PC Only)

– Got Tapping Op working.

– You can now use Shared Preferences to share Machine Profiles and other info with your other G-Wizard software.

– Many bugs fixed.

4/2/20: Release 0.864 (PC Only)

– Massive update basically makes it possible to edit all ops.

– Many bugs fixed.

3/14/20: Release 0.86 (PC Only)

– Brought GW Estimimator up to date with all the GW Calculator updates.

4/16/19: Release 0.85 (PC Only)

– Brought GW Estimimator up to date with all the GW Calculator updates

3/28/19: Release 0.84 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Brought GW Estimator up to date with all the GW Calculator updates to the core feeds and speeds engine.

9/4/18: Release 0.823 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Factored in tool change times on Machining Ops

– Material ops added with option to mark up material cost.

– Added Chamfer option to 2D Profile and Pocket Ops. The tool is selected in the Options for Machining Ops.

– Added “New” button to clear all the estimate data to create a new estimate.

– Default Shop Rate defined in Cost DB and used throughout.

– Fixed numerous bugs and non-working features.

5/22/18: Release 0.822 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Initial mock-up of Reports Tab

– More Add Op UI refinements and bug fixing

– Implemented Rough Cut Op

– Implemented “Custom” Machining Op that can do anything Feeds/Speeds can do.

– Initial implementation of Cost DB

– Added Inspection op type

– Rewrote the User Guide for GW Estimator

5/6/18: Release 0.821 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Minor fixes and refinements to 0.82.

5/5/18: Release 0.82 (Feathered, PC Only)

– Major UI overhaul of all the op creation.

– Added tapping and thread milling to the Hole feature.

– Ability to either save operations with a quantity value or blow them out as individual ops.

– Range selection and delete of ops using Ctrl + Click and Shift + Click.

– Merge components and consumables ops

– Merged Finish and Coating ops

– Added lots of new Finish op types

– Moved Feeds/Speeds under utilities

– Completely redid Op Picker UX for more efficient use of real estate and easier operation.

– Op-creation window is now a non-modal that can be setup side-by-side with the list of ops in the quote..

4/6/18: Release 0.8 (Mandatory, PC Only)

– Bug fixes, UX improvements, and sync with latest GW Calculator Engine.