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I just uploaded G-Wizard Estimator version 0.822, another Monster new release for the product.  Click the prior link to sign up for the trial or click here to download that latest release if you’re already signed up.

G-Wizard Estimator is designed to save you time by making it easy to do feature-based cost estimation using the same Feeds and Speeds engine that’s built into our G-Wizard Calculator.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to use something other than the Feeds and Speeds they actually use for their manufacturing, but G-Wizard Estimator is pretty much the only game in town that works that way.  There’s a lot else that makes it special too, so if you need to estimating manufacturing costs, you should check it out.

GW Estimator is in Beta Test, and while that continues, it is free to use for anyone that has access to a working trial or subscription of our G-Wizard Calculator software.  You heard right–it’s completely free during Beta test if you can use GW Calculator.  Given that most Estimation software costs $1000 or more, that’s quite a deal.

What’s new in this release?

This is a Monster release with lots of new functionality.  I am currently on a push to get creation of all ops working.  Once that’s done I will deal with editing of the ops after the fact, then reporting, and all that’s left at that point will be feedback from folks like you.  There’s an increasingly bright light at the end of the tunnel, and so far things are looking good.  I don’t want to jinx the progress by promising to ship by a particular date, but let’s just say I have an aggressive internal goal that’s sooner than you would think.

In this release, you will find the following:

– Initial mock-up of Reports Tab.  This isn’t good for much more than seeing what kinds of Reports are envisioned, but I wanted to get something out there.

– More Add Op UI refinements and bug fixing.  I’ve worked hard to make sure the screen layouts are clean and functional, and to make the Add Op UI work as smoothly as possible.  This is the part of the product where the most time will be spent.

– Implemented Rough Cut Op:  I built the rough cut op which deals with everything from Waterjets to Band Saws.

– Implemented “Custom” Machining Op that can do anything Feeds/Speeds can do.  I implemented a powerful new “Custom” Machining op that lets you estimate times for any operation you can create in our Feeds and Speeds Calculator.  It handles more tool types and situations than any other calculator out there, so this gives unprecedented flexibility.

– Initial implementation of Cost DB.  The Cost Database let’s you assign default values to all sorts of variables.  Everything from hourly rates on various kinds of services to default times for various operations.  I also mocked up but haven’t implemented yet the Material Cost DB.

– Added Inspection op type:  A new op that reflects inspection from having the operator mic an OD to running the part through a CMM.

– Rewrote the User Guide for GW Estimator:  So much has changed that I completely rewrote the User Guide to reflect the current state of the product.

It’s been a huge amount of work, but there’s now enough foundation in place that the pace of progress is increasing.  If you or your shop needs to do Cost Estimation on Manufacturing Jobs, be sure to check out G-Wizard Estimator.  Also, give me any feedback you may have on the product.  I have already incorporated a lot of excellent user feedback.  Just send an email to bob@cnccookbook.com and tell me what you think.


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