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G-Wizard Estimator is CNCCookbook’s estimating software for machine shops.  At the moment, it’s in Beta Test, so it’s free for anyone who can use G-Wizard Calculator.

I recently got a call from a customer who wanted to see a demo of how to estimate lathe parts.  I suggested he send me a print for one and I’d do a video.  Here’s the print he sent:


Print for a simple turned part…

It’s a pretty simple part with just a few features.  Features are specific aspects of the part that are created using a CAM operation.  For example, this part has the following features:

  • 2 diameters–one is 1.660 and one is 0.630.
  • 3 facing operations
  • 3 specified radii, each of which is a feature

G-Wizard Estimator works by making it easy to key in features from a print and see a final estimate of costs.  Here’s the video I made showing how to estimate this part:

If you’d like to try G-Wizard Estimator, you’ll need to have either a live trial or subscription version of G-Wizard Calculator.  Once you’ve got that, just go to the G-Wizard Estimator Product Page and register.


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