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The G-Wizard Estimator is an estimation software for machine shops, developed by CNCCookbook. It’s currently in the Beta Test stage and available free of charge for those who are able to use the G-Wizard Calculator.

I recently got a call from a customer who wanted to see a demo of how to estimate lathe parts.  I suggested he send me a print for one and I’d do a video.  Here’s the print he sent:


Print for a simple turned part…

It’s a pretty simple part with just a few features.  Features are specific aspects of the part that are created using a CAM operation.  For example, this part has the following features:

  • 2 diameters–one is 1.660 and one is 0.630.
  • 3 facing operations
  • 3 specified radii, each of which is a feature

G-Wizard Estimator works by making it easy to key in features from a print and see a final estimate of costs.  Here’s the video I made showing how to estimate this part:

If you’d like to try G-Wizard Estimator, you’ll need to have either a live trial or subscription version of G-Wizard Calculator.  Once you’ve got that, just go to the G-Wizard Estimator Product Page and register.


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