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Our mission?  Helping everyone to be Better CNC’ers.

Honestly, we’ve been on a mission for a long time to help anyone who wants to be a Better CNC’er.  Whether you’re a Beginner trying to get your arms around the basics, or a seasoned Pro who never stops improving your game, we’ve got the goods.

Part of that mission has always involved Calculators.  Heck, I got my start in the software world by creating a spreadsheet product called Quattro Pro. It was incredibly popular back in the day, and we sold over $100 million worth in the very first year it became available from Borland.

So, it’s understandable that I think Calculators can make a big difference.  I’ve certainly spent years refining and adding new functions to our flagship G-Wizard Calculator, and that mission continues to this day.  But, I’ve also been investing in some free online calculators as well.

If you never checked out our Calculator and Reference Chart page for CNC’ers, it’s worth a visit.  Meanwhile, here’s what’s new:

New Polar to Rectangular Coordinate Calculators!

I felt kind of silly about this one.  I was busy writing a little g-code by hand, and it was convenient to think about what was happening in polar coordinates, but I didn’t want to switch modes.  Suddenly, I needed a Polar to Rectangular Coordinate Calculator and I didn’t have one handy.


So, I stopped right there and immediately added one to G-Wizard’s Geometry section.  Starting with version 3.89, you’ll have it too.  Best of all, the Geometry Calculators are all free for life to anyone who signs up for the free 30-day trial.

Cool beans, right?

And here’s what it looks like:

polar to rectangular calculator

G-Wizard’s Polar to Rectangular Calculator…

We’ve got a new dedicated calculator page as well that walks you through this calculator and the math that a Polar to Rectangular Calculator users.

New Tap Speeds and Feeds Calculator!

G-Wizard already had a tap speeds and feeds calculator built-in, and quite a nice one too.  It also has a nifty thread database that has a neat feature for telling you the twist drill size for both form and cut taps at varying thread percentages.  Using a different percentage than the default can radically increase you tap life, so you do need to know about that for sure.

But, we’ve now added a free online tap speed and feed calculator.  Nope, it’s not nearly as sophisticated as G-Wizard, but it does what most of the other online calculators do and it also lets folks know about G-Wizard.

Now, what special calculation do you find yourself doing often that I haven’t already covered?  I’ve got a list in my hopper, but if you tell me what you’re looking for, maybe we can move it up the priority list.  Let me know via email or comments below!


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