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Beginners:  How would you like to stop breaking cutters and get past all the jargon?

Experienced CNC’ers:  How would you like to take your game to the next level?



I’ve put together a free in-depth email course for CNCCookbook readers.  It’ll arrive as one new lesson each Friday, once a week.  It starts from the basics and goes on to the most advanced topics.  You can skip ahead to take the course at your own pace.

If you follow it carefully, you’ll be exposed to the very latest secrets and expertise.  Whether you want to understand what’s going on better or want a real competitive advantage for your CNC Career, this course will help.

To sign up, just fill out the form below and your first lesson will arrive this coming Friday:


Here are the cutting-edge lessons that make up our curriculum:

Course Lessons & Syllabus

Beginning Lessons

Lesson 1: Feeds & Speeds Sweet Spots
Lesson 2: How to Use a Feeds & Speeds Calculator
Lesson 3: Chip Thinning & Rubbing
Lesson 4: Tool Deflection
Lesson 5: Cut Depth & Cut Width
Lesson 6: Cutting Speed Formulas + How to CNC’ers Calculate Feeds & Speeds

Intermediate Lessons

Lesson 7: Surface Finish, Finish Cuts, and Tortoise-Hare Slider
Lesson 8: Solid Carbide Endmill Grades & Coatings
Lesson 9: Drilling Speeds and Feeds
Lesson 10: The Role of Coolant
Lesson 11: High Speed Machining
Lesson 12: Climb vs Conventional Milling

Advanced Lessons

Lesson 13: Fine Tuning for Machine, Tool, & Task
Lesson 14: Chatter When Milling or Turning
Lesson 15: Deep Hole Drilling
Lesson 16: Micromachining
Lesson 17: CAM Toolpath Tips & Techniques
Lesson 18: Deep Pocket Milling
Lesson 19: Minimal Quantity Lubrication and Dry Machining


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