Welcome to the Feeds & Speeds Master Class!

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Welcome to Free CNCCookbook Feeds & Speeds Master Class!

We’re here to teach you all about Feeds & Speeds, from the basics all the way through to the most advanced cutting edge techniques (pardon our pun).

Each week on Friday, we’ll send you an email with the current week’s lesson.  Each lesson will take maybe 15 minutes to cover, so it’s not a big time commitment and the lessons are bite-sized and easy to understand.

But, you’ll find your knowledge builds fast, and there’ll be a link on each lesson that lets you jump ahead to the next lesson if you want to move through the course more quickly.  We recommend you use the jump-ahead links whenever you find a lesson was particularly easy or something you already knew.


Course Pre-Requisite


BTW, all of these concepts are built into our G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds software.  If you don’t have it already, either as a customer or as a free trial, you’ll need to sign up for the free 30-day trial so you can experiment with the new concepts as you learn them in the course.

It’s a pre-requisite for the course, but it’s easy to sign up and the trial is free:

feeds and speeds calculator

If it turns out you already did the trial at some time in the past and it expired, just send a note to support@cnccookbook.com asking for the trial to be renewed.

Bookmark this page as it will serve as our course syllabus.  As each lesson is available, I will add a link to it below.

Thanks for joining!





Course Lessons & Syllabus

Beginning Lessons

Lesson 1:  Feeds & Speeds Sweet Spots

Lesson 2:  How to Use a Feeds & Speeds Calculator

Lesson 3:  Chip Thinning & Rubbing

Lesson 4:  Tool Deflection

Lesson 5:  Cut Depth & Cut Width

Lesson 6:  Cutting Speed Formulas + How to CNC’ers Calculate Feeds & Speeds

Intermediate Lessons

Lesson 7:  Surface Finish, Finish Cuts, and Tortoise-Hare Slider

Lesson 8: Solid Carbide Endmill Grades & Coatings

Lesson 9:  Drilling Speeds and Feeds

Lesson 10:  The Role of Coolant

Lesson 11: High Speed Machining

Lesson 12: Climb vs Conventional Milling

Advanced Lessons

Lesson 13: Fine Tuning for Machine, Tool, & Task

Lesson 14: Chatter When Milling or Turning

Lesson 15: Deep Hole Drilling

Lesson 16: Micromachining

Lesson 17: CAM Toolpath Tips & Techniques

Lesson 18: Deep Pocket Milling

Lesson 19: Minimal Quantity Lubrication and Dry Machining