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I read every email that is sent to CNCCookbook.  I also survey folks who are on our mailing list about all sorts of things.

One of the themes that comes through loud and clear is that beginners want a crash course in feeds and speeds that is super easy, super fast, and that teaches them all the basics, including the jargon.

CNC Beginners: Your wait is over!

I went through all our materials, boiled down just the absolute essentials a beginner should have, and baked that knowledge into the first two lessons of our Feeds and Speeds Master Class.

There are pictures, diagrams, and easy to read examples for everything.  Boiled down, there are surprisingly few key concepts needed, so anyone can get what they need.

And guess what?

When you’re ready to get to the next level, the rest of the Master Class will take you there.  Lessons are delivered to you once a week on Fridays, you can skip ahead at your own pace, and the best part?

The Feeds and Speeds Master Class is
Totally Free and Open to Anyone

Come on ya’ll, what are you waiting for?

If you’re a Beginner, this is going to fill in the blanks fast that you need to start cutting on your CNC Machine without breaking cutters.  If you’re a Pro (or an amateur looking to develop Mad Skilz), the Master Class will up your CNC Game by diving down into detailed subjects hardly any of your peers will know.  Subjects that will make you the expert and give you the edge.


CNC Pros: Up Your Game!

Sign up today;

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