Feeds and Speeds for Beginners [ LiveStream ]

2 months by cncdivi

We did this live video stream Monday at 10am Pacific, so I wanted to post the recording in case you hadn’t been able to attend or wanted to review some part of it.  The LiveStream was very well attended and there’ve been a number of views since, so I’m sure you will get some value out of it.

The LiveStream was in 3 parts.  I opened with a bit of chalk talk that covered the various topics I wanted Beginners to have under their belts before trying to calculate any Feeds and Speeds or make any parts.  These topics included:

    • What happens when you don’t have good feeds & speeds?
    • Will feeds and speeds fix all of those problems?  Spoiler:  No, and this gave a chance to cover various other topics Beginners will want to be aware of to get best results.
    • Differences in how CNC Routers and Lightweight Hobby machines need to approach feeds & speeds (vs Industrial CNC Machines).
    • Why Feeds & Speeds are hard
    • The 3 biggest Feeds & Speeds myths

From there, I did a quick demo of G-Wizard and it’s new Easy mode that makes Feeds & Speeds even simpler for beginners.

Then, I opened up for the attendees to ask questions.  We covered a bunch as you’ll see in the video:

Check out the Feeds and Speeds for Beginners LiveStream…



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