Home Machine Shop Hall of Fame, Page 2

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Home Machine Shop Hall of Fame, Page 2

GTC’s Knife Making Shop in Brazil

Shop made belt surface grinder…

Details of feed, height adjustment, and a knife being ground…

Cross slide and ways…

Before and after surface grinding…

Knife grinder with platten


Hollow grinder and polisher

Drill press and tools…


Welding equipment

Finished liner lock knives…

Dirt Rider’s Home CNC Shop

I have tremendous respect for the beautiful results Dirt Rider gets from a very modest round column mill he has converted to CNC:

The Mill, with flood coolant enclosure. It’s a round column mill/drill!

Weber Precision

Here is a beautiful shop with both manual and CNC machines.

Tidy and well organized…

Emco Maier Super 11 Lathe with Accurite DRO…

Bridgeport mill with Accurite DRO and Air Powered Drawbar…

New Addition is a NASA II CNC Milling Machine. Get a load of the sound system in the top right! That’s not the original control he had on the mill when I first saw it. Not sure if its a retrofit package (looks a little like it) or whether he built it. Check out the 4th axis too.

Now we’re talking seriously cool machinery. How about a Haas TL-1 Toolroom CNC lathe in a home shop?

Here’s the sort of project built in this great shop!

Home Shop Hall of Fame, Page 3 …  


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