I’ve just uploaded G-Wizard Calculator version 3.37 for Beta Testing.  To access it, you’ll need to go to our alternate install page where you can get the latest official version, the backup older version, and this new beta version.  I’m going to run the Beta Test for a week, fix any problems reported, and then the end result will be our latest GW Calculator release.

This special beta version contains the following new features:

Percentage Style Tortoise Hare Slider

Many have asked for more Tortoise-Hare slider settings than just 4, and this new release gives a full 100 settings, percentage-style:

Feeds and Speeds Aggressiveness adjustment

The New Tortoise Hare Slider has a full 100 positions, so you set it as a percentage…

Settings below 30% are finish settings, and to the eye, the position of the slider will give values similar to before.  You just have a lot more in-between settings.  Full left is still the lowest chip load that won’t give a rubbing warning, also like before.  All the extra settings should make possible much more fine tuning.

In addition, the prior implementation could sometimes get jammed up against spindle power limits.  When that happened, you’d get the same values or close for multiple Tortoise-Hare settings.  That shouldn’t happen with this new version.

Bolt Circle Save Button

The Bolt Circle Calculator has a new Save button that will save all the coordinates to a csv file you can load into Excel.  With a few string formulas, it’s easy to convert it to gcode or whatever other format may be useful to you.  Or just use Excel to print out a coordinate table you can take to your machine.

New Material: N08031

As with almost every release, there was a new material added via customer request.

More Functionality for Expired Trials

Having an expired subscription still allowed you to access all functions, but with a Spindle Power limit. Pretty useful for hobbyists who don’t need much spindle power.  But in this version, even trials can access more functions.  If you did a trial and it expired, you can access every tab except CADCAM and Feeds and Speeds.  So you can still use G-Wizard for all sorts of Quick Reference, Thread, and Geometry calculations.  Pretty handy stuff, and our gift to you.

If you’ve never tried our G-Wizard Calulator, it is by far the industry’s leading Feeds and Speeds Calculator.  It was used to help build the Mars Rover, and it can help you too!  Go ahead and sign up for a free 30-day trial today.  You won’t be sorry.


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Beta Testing New G-Wizard Calculator Version 3.37
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