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We’re once again lending our ears to our customers. I deem CNCCookbook’s patrons and audiences (which refers to you all!) as the most significant business gain and competitive edge we possess. It’s a rarity to find many CNC Software firms who can absorb insights from such a vast and proficient group of listeners.

Last week, I published the results of a survey we did to try to quantify the benefits customers were seeing from our G-Wizard Calculator.  This week, I will present the results of our survey of the same sort of thing for G-Wizard Editor customers.

G-Wizard Editor is all about making it easier to deal with GCode.  While some are under the impression they will never deal with GCode because their CAM program handles that, there are huge benefits even for CAM users in being able to understand, evaluate, test, and modify GCode.  G-Wizard is an absolute power tool for doing those kinds of things.  Having done some survey work around GW Editor in the past, we knew a little bit about how customers use it:


The top 2 GWE uses involve using it to add value to code already created by the CAM software…

As you can see, the top 2 GWE uses involve using it to add value to code already created by the CAM software.  But we wanted to know more, a lot more.  Here’s what we learned:

  1.  79% said G-Wizard was Very to Extremely Useful.  This is very similar to a tool world-class organizations use to determine Customer Satisfaction that’s called Net Promoter Score.  Typically, a score of 60-70% is good, but G-Wizard is hitting 79%.  We won’t stop here though.  Every month or so I add more goodness to the product and we’re always open for feedback on how to improve it.  G-Wizard Calculator scores even higher, so I am confident we can do better for you.
  2. 61% of G-Wizard Customers said it made GCode easier to understand and work with.  That’s fantastic!  I couldn’t be happier, because so many folks are daunted by GCode, having a tool that makes it easier is exactly what we wanted.  In fact, we sell a bunch of copies to students who hear about it from their instructors when they take CNC courses
  3. 47% said they’d saved valuable time by finding errors in their CAM code before they sent it to be run on the machine.  This is an important purpose, and this number is so close to the number in the graph above, that we can say that pretty much everyone that bought it for this purpose is acknowledging it works.  Shop Owners will know that saving time before the machine gets held up is almost Free Money in the bank.  What would you be willing to do for that kind of improvement in your shop?
  4. 44% said it saved them time writing hand code GCode programs.  This number is higher than the 35% that want to do this task (from the chart above), which brings us to our next interesting statistic:
  5. 19% said G-Wizard Editor enabled them to hand write GCode for the first time.  This is one payoff of being able to make GCode easier to understand.  Having G-Wizard in hand helped this group to be able to write GCode for the first time.  Good stuff.
  6. 28% were able to improve their CAM-generated GCode.  Even trying to do this just doesn’t occur to most CNC’ers, but for those who do, they often realize huge benefits and competitive advantages from it.
  7. 27% were using the Conversational CNC Wizards.  Conversational CNC is a great time saver that lets you skip the CADCAM step for quick and simple jobs where it isn’t worth making a CAD drawing to make the part.  These are the jobs where people often run to the old manual machines in the back room. But, with Conversational CNC, you can do more jobs without CADCAM and you can do them faster.  Check out our Conversational CNC, which is built right into GW Editor.
  8. 31% used G-Wizard to profile or improve the running time of their GCode programmers.  It’s a fabulous tool for the purpose, and includes features such as adjustments for the machine’s acceleration to help make more accurate estimates and to show you where you can improve the programs.
  9. 64% found GW Editor enabled  them to increase Quality in their shops.
  10. 46% found it helped reduce the time they spent on CADCAM.  Like I mentioned, some changes are easier to make the GCode without running back through a whole CADCAM-Post cycle.
  11. 46% found that by adding GW Editor to their toolkit, they were saving time and finishing Jobs faster.  This can often translate to immediate cost savings.


G-Wizard Offers Concrete Tangible Benefits to CNC’ers

There you have it.  11 different quantifiable, concrete, and tangible benefits for CNC’ers to use G-Wizard Editor to help with GCode.  We’re pleased with these results, but as I said above, we’re not done making this product better for our customers.  If you’ve never tried G-Wizard, you should check out our free 30-day trial and have a look.  See how many of these benefits you can immediately start to enjoy.  If you tried it a long time back, send me a note and I’ll renew your trial so you can see what the latest product offers.  It’s been on a program of continuous improvement since we launched it, and we plan to keep making it better and better.

Many thanks for all of the feedback you give us to help along the way!



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