9 Shocking Statistics About G-Wizard We Couldn’t Make Up

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9 Shocking Statistics About G-Wizard We Couldn’t Make Up

The original G-Wizard Calculator was designed by me to enhance machining outcomes and save myself some time. Carrying handbooks and tooling catalogs around, inputting numbers into calculators, and devoting an excessive amount of time to complex spreadsheets just to achieve good results was what I noticed I was doing. Learning old lessons from tooling manufacturers became an impossible task to remember. There were heaps of advice on each catalog and website. Would I create huge checklists to ensure I adhered to all of these suggestions? Our recent surveys disclosed that machinists regard Feeds and Speeds as one of the hardest challenges they encounter.

There had to be a better way.  So I created the software.  Pretty soon I offered it to the public, and I knew right from the start that it was good because my customers told me so often and enthusiastically.

But, as an Engineer, I had always wanted to quantify the results customers were getting from the tool.  Sure, they liked it, loved it even, but what were the black and white results measured in numbers?  I let that thought sit idle for years, but recently, I surveyed the installed base to see what they thought.  The numbers they sent back were amazing.  It’s no wonder I was getting such positive feedback.  In fact, there were 9 different Amazing Statistics revealed about how G-Wizard had changed their machining work:

1.  87% said G-Wizard was Very to Extremely Useful.  This is very similar to a tool world-class organizations use to determine Customer Satisfaction that’s called Net Promoter Score.  Typically, a score of 60-70% is good, but G-Wizard is hitting 87%.  We won’t stop here though.  Every month or so I add more goodness to the product and we’re always open for feedback on how to improve it.

2.  G-Wizard Customers see an average of 56% Longer Tool Life.  That’s fantastic.  What would 56% longer tool life mean for you?  If you had asked me to guess what the benefit might be, I would have probably guessed lower, perhaps much lower.

3.  G-Wizard Customers were able to enjoy a 46% average increase in Cutting Speed.  46% higher Material Removal Rates.  Shop Owners will know that is almost Free Money in the bank.  What would you be willing to do for that kind of improvement in your shop?

4.  G-Wizard saved an average of 94% on time spend calculating Feeds and Speeds.  While I am not surprised it is saving time since it was created for that purpose, I am once again surprised at how much time is saved.  But maybe I shouldn’t be, thinking back on how painful it was for me before I built the software.

5.  Customers report spending 70% less time digging through Handbooks, Tooling Catalogs, and Online Searches to find the information they need.  G-Wizard is nothing if not a reference resource.  Aside from Feeds and Speeds, it is chock full of other references ranging from Geometry Calculators to Fastener Data, Thread Data, Fits and Tolerances, Thermal Expansion, and much more.  Every time I have to look up something more than once or twice it goes into the Calculator where it is handy.

6.  68% reported G-Wizard helped them to increase the Quality of their work.  Most shops list increasing Quality as very important to their business.  Most hobbyists are constantly striving to do better, as well.  Quality touches so many different fronts–consistency of work, surface finishes, accuracy/tolerance, reduction of mistakes/defects, and so much more.  We’re glad G-Wizard is helping to achieve better Quality.

7.  65% reported finishing jobs faster was a major benefit of G-Wizard.  You can’t very well get the previous 6 statistics without getting the work done faster.

8.  51% measured direct cost savings via G-Wizard.  Not every shop is tracking the data well enough to tell where savings are coming from unless the savings are pretty large and obvious, but 51% were able to identify G-Wizard as a major source of savings.

9.  48% had a noticeable reduction in CADCAM programming time.  Not every customer even uses CADCAM, so this number is probably a lot higher among those who do.  I know that whenever I have a CADCAM session going, G-Wizard is open and in constant use.

If you haven’t already, try the free trial

G-Wizard Offers Concrete Tangible Benefits to CNC’ers

There you have it.  9 different quantifiable, concrete, and tangible benefits for CNC’ers to use G-Wizard Calculator.  We’re pleased with these results, but as I said above, we’re not done making this product better for our customers.  If you’ve never tried G-Wizard, you should check out our free trial and have a look.  See how many of these benefits you can immediately start to enjoy.  If you tried it a long time back, send me a note and I’ll renew your trial so you can see what the latest product offers.  It’s been on a program of continuous improvement since we launched it years ago.


What About Tangible Benefits for GCode Editors?

Yep, you guessed it, we did the same kind of survey and analysis for GW Editor and the results were even more interesting.  Check it out.


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