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Winning the High Mix Low Volume Manufacturing Game [ HMLV ]

My CNC Chef video on Optimizing for HMLV…

High Mix Low Volume is the norm for manufacturing these days. At first, it seems hard to do it profitably, but once you understand the game you can win.

What is High Mix Low Volume (HMLV)?

If you’re not in the Job Shop business, you may have visions of assembly line manufacturing of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of parts.  Each minute step along the road to making the part is individually tweaked and optimized.  Saving a few cents here and there adds up to big money over so many parts.

That type of work is High Volume Low Mix–a Job Shop is going to make huge quantities of very few parts over the course of a year.  Much of that business has gone offshore, leaving High Mix Low Volume work.  That’s the work of producing small batches of parts, and to keep a shop busy, a lot of these orders (that’s the “High Mix” part) get done over the course of a year.

To win the game of HMLV, you can’t focus on optimizing individual parts too much.  You’ll be done with the job before you’ve had time.  Instead, you need to focus on changes that deliver savings on every job.

Using REAL to Optimize for HMLV

In the video I describe a framework I call “REAL” to help optimize for HMLV.  It works like this:

  • (R)educe Cycle Times
  • (E)liminate Uncertainty and Surprisees
  • (A)utomate and Standardize Routines
  • (L)oading and Setup Optimization

Those four areas, if improved, will benefit virtually every job and pay off very quickly.

Check out the video to learn more about how to win the HMLV game.

Optimizing Feeds & Speeds: An HMLV Boost Across All Jobs

HMLV is all about finding investments that will optimize ALL jobs, not just a few.  One of the easiest investments you can make in that area is better Feeds and Speeds.  The right Feeds and Speeds software can often make an immediate improvement across all your jobs.


Because it automates a set of Best Practices for Feeds and Speeds.  It makes Feeds and Speeds systematic and repeatable.  And, because a good Feeds and Speeds solution is not job-specific.  You’ll see the benefits of improvement across all your jobs.

How much improvement?

We surveyed G-Wizard customers and here’s what they told us:


Frankly, I was shocked at these results.  But, then I thought about the many conversations I’ve had with folks and I was a lot less shocked.  G-Wizard considers over 60 variables, and it uses Machine Learning (AI) techniques to optimize your Cut Depth and Width for the best possible results.

Get the G-Wizard Calculator Free Trial today and see how much it can improve your Feeds and Speeds.

Get my G-Wizard Calculator Free Trial



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Winning the High Mix Low Volume Manufacturing Game [ HMLV ]
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