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We’ve all seen photos of spectacular garages filled with exotic cars, resembling museums or theme parks. Jay Leno and Ralph Lauren have such impressive collections. But if you have the time and wealth to do almost anything, and you enjoy getting your hands dirty like Tony Stark, this might be for you.


Table of Contents


Part 1: The Space

Let’s start with the space you’ll build the workshop in. Whether it’s in a building that’s part of your estate compound or a short drive away (Jay Leno uses aircraft hangars), you’ll want to ensure there is lots of space available.

Part 2: CADCAM and Computer Facilities

The first stage of turning imagination into reality is the Design Office. Check this one out for the Ultimate Workshop.

Part 3: Cutting Rough Stock, Fabrication, and Welding

Cutting the rough stock is the first stop on the road to machining. Fabrication and Welding are separate paths all their own.

Part 4: Machining

Come on, you know this is the part you’ve really been waiting for–what kind of lathes and mills would be hiding in a workshop like this?

Part 5: 3D Printing

What’s next after Machining, why 3D Printing, of course!

Part 6: Metrology and Reverse Engineering

If we can measure it, we can machine it.


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