I first became aware of this project and the site it is on (Endless-Sphere.com) when traffic started coming to CNCCookbook from there.  I always go check out new traffic sources because it is usually something interesting.  Boy did that turn out to be true!

I was getting traffic because Ilia had kindly responded when asked about good sources of information to learn CNC and machining with a link to CNCCookbook.  Better still was his project–an Electric Chopper Build.  I love it when someone starts a totally over the top build.  It really captures the imagination and reaffirms what I love to tell people:  Once you have a machine shop in your garage, you can build practically anything.

I urge you to go visit Ilia’s Electric Chopper build thread and check out the many pictures there.  Meanwhile, let me tantalize you with these photos:

Electric Chopper

It’s coming together with wheels on.  Still need the motor/tranny, batteries, and various other odds and ends.   Looks sharp!


Chopper style suspension and forks is a thing of beauty…

Suzuki Transmission

The electric motor is housed in a Suzuki 6-speed transmission.  Cool!

Machining a wheel hub

Some obligatory machining action shots machining a wheel hub…

Machining wheel hub

Drilling the holes for the spokes…

Finished hub

Finished hub…

There are a number of other interesting projects over on that site, so I’ll be running more over time.  Sure would be fun to build something like this.


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