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Thermal Expansion Equation

G-Wizard’s thermal expansion calculator uses a simple formula for thermal expansion of any object. The equations for linear and volumetric expansion are very similar.

Linear expansion formula: ΔL = aL₁(T₂ – T₁)

Volumetric expansion formula: ΔV = bV₁(T₂ – T₁)


  • T₁ – Initial temperature, and T₂ is the final temperature;
  • ΔL – Change in object’s length;
  • L₁ – Initial length;
  • a – Coefficient of Linear Expansion;
  • ΔV – Change in object’s volume;
  • V₁ – Initial volume; and
  • b – Volumetric expansion coefficient.

Use G-Wizard’s thermal expansion calculator to find the change in length or volume – simply type in other values and watch it do all the work for you!

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Formula / Coefficient of Linear Expansion Formula

α = ΔL/(L0 * ΔT)

α is the coefficient of linear thermal expansion per degree Celsius. ΔL is the change in length of test specimen due to heating or cooling. L0 is the original length of the test specimen at room temperature. ΔT is the temperature change in °C, during the test.



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