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Silicon Valley, CA – April 5, 2024 – CNCCookbook, the leading authority on CNC machining software (Computer Numerical Control), is pleased to announce the release of its annual CAD Software Survey Results for 2024. Garnering an impressive response from nearly 400 participants, the comprehensive survey offers a host of invaluable insights into the nuances of CAD software adoption.

The survey, conducted annually since 2013, offers a thorough analysis of the CAD software landscape, including market dynamics and the ever-essential metric of customer satisfaction.

By comparing data from previous years, users can identify market trends and make far better-informed decisions about which CAD software platform they should purchase.

This year’s survey marks a significant milestone with data collected from respondents across various industries and skill levels. The survey delves deep into the preferences, experiences, and challenges faced by users, providing a holistic view of the CAD software arena.

CNC Insight, Courtesy of Bob Warfield

CEO and founder of CNCCookbook, Bob Warfield, brings decades of experience in both software development and machining to the table. His passion for CNC machining led to the creation of CNCCookbook, his eighth and most beloved Silicon Valley startup.

With a background in building innovative software solutions, Warfield understands the importance of providing tools that allow users to achieve their machining goals efficiently. His vision for CNCCookbook is to revolutionize the way a CNC machinist interacts with software, making it more intuitive, more powerful, and better tailored to the user’s needs.

His entrepreneurial journey, coupled with his passion for machining, has positioned CNCCookbook as a trusted resource in the CNC community. “Our CNCCookbook CAD Survey provides a rare glimpse into the details of CAD Software adoption,” says Warfield. “We have CAD product managers across the industry who depend on this information for their business planning.”

Addressing the Needs of CNC Machinists

Warfield recognized the absence of user-centric software solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of machinists. “Being a machinist is a tough business,” he says. “Margins are thin and competition is intense. Whether you’re a Pro or Hobbyist, CNC is complicated.”

The inherent complexity of CNC machining presents profound challenges for users, from design intricacies to production issues. CNCCookbook’s overarching mission is to alleviate these complexities by furnishing intuitive, efficient, and potent software solutions. To this end, they offer two software solutions to help machinists thrive in this intensely competitive business.

Their calculator helps optimize feeds and speeds to reduce cycle time, increase tool life, and improve surface finish.

A g-code simulator and editor that helps with the process of testing g-code programs, and modifying them to add functionality and correct any problems. The platform even includes a set of Conversational Programming Wizards to make quick CNC projects easy.

A Customer-Centric Approach

CNCCookbook remains focused on its commitment to prioritize user feedback and satisfaction above all else, eschewing external investors’ interests. “Our customers are our sole investors, and we reciprocate their investment in every conceivable manner,” says Warfield.

Through continuous dialogue and the seamless integration of user feedback, CNCCookbook serves as a valuable resource for both CNC software and general guidance in the wider realm of CAD (Computer Aided Design). By actively engaging with users and incorporating their personal insights into our product development process, we ensure that our software solutions not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of CNC professionals and enthusiasts.

Accessing the 2024 CAD Software Survey Results

The 2024 CAD Software Survey Results are free and available online. To access the report, visit CNCCookbook’s website.

To learn more about CNCCookbook, you can contact us here.

About CNCCookbook

CNCCookbook is the leading resource for CNC machining software and expertise. Founded by Bob Warfield, CNCCookbook provides comprehensive tools and resources to help machinists of all skill levels optimize their CNC workflow. With a focus on providing users with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in CNC machining, CNCCookbook continues to innovate and drive advancements in the industry.

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