It’s time for another major CNCCookbook survey–the CNCCookbook 2018 CAM Survey. Each year, we do a number of surveys that provide valuable results to our readers. The two biggest and most popular by far are the CAD Survey and the CAM Survey. We do these two surveys back to back at the beginning of the year following. We finished 2018 so we’re running the surveys. We have results going back quite a few years, so market share trends can be seen from the surveys and are quite interesting.

Please take the survey and let us know about your own experiences with CAM:

Once we get a few hundred responses, I will collate and present the results in a later blog post.


You won’t be able to see the results unless you’re on our mailing list, so sign up and take the survey to see the results!

I’ll also discuss how the market shares have changed since we last surveyed CAM–the trends are always interesting and we’ve had many exciting developements in the Cloud CAM arena since that time.

If you clicked the CNC Tips option on the form above, you’ll see the survey results via email. You can also get them by signing up for our email CNC Tip newsletter below.


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CNCCookbook 2018 CAM Survey [ What’s the most popular CAM? ]
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