Or at least 3D printing a plug from which a mold will be made from which a fiberglass body will be made.  Auckland, New Zealander Ivan Sentch has quite a project underway.  He’s building this plug using a Solidoodle 3D printer, which only has a 4″ x 4″ capacity.  So how do you build a life-sized car model from such a thing?  The answer is ingenious–by gluing together smaller pieces.  For example, a hood:


Kinda brings home that old saw about eating an elephant one spoonful at a time.  Once the pieces are glued together, the overall assembly is carefully sanded with finer and finer grits of sandpaper until a smooth, glasslike finish is obtained.  Sentch is pretty far along with the project:


Once the body has been completed in fiberglass, it will be housed on a custom spaceframe chassis that uses Nissan Skyline driveline parts.  The 3D printing part of the process is over 70% done, but Sentch estimates the car is probably 5 years away from being driven.  This is his first experience with 3D printing, and he just got the Solidoodle printer last Christmas.  He certainly had big plans for it.  While it’s natural to be skeptical about the likelihood a project of this magnitude will be completed, his progress to date is admirable, and this is not his first experience building a car.  He put together a replica of a Ferrari GTO using the Nissan Skyline parts a few years ago:


His finished GTO car is visible in the background…

With appologies to Ian Fleming and Auric Goldfinger, when the question comes up, “Do you want me to talk?” the answer must be, “No Mr Sentch, I want you to drive!”


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