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If a bulldog can ride a skateboard, you can write your first blog post.  It’s easy, and I’ll show you how.

If you’ve been reading my business tips and my entrepreneur blog, you’ll name I’m a huge fan of using content as your primary marketing tool.

But I’ll bet a lot of you, when you think about it, have doubts.

Maybe you have no idea where to start or just never thought of yourself as a writer.  That’s okay, because it really isn’t that hard, honestly!

I’ve just finished a blog post that is a thoroughly complete guide to writing your first blog post.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the article:

  • Writing a blog post can be just like telling someone about the topic in a conversation.  In fact, transcribing a conversation like that is a great starting point.  You really don’t have to be The Great American Novelist or Literary Superhero to get this done.
  • There are 5 easy first blog post templates you can follow that turn a blank page essay into something much closer to multiple choice for your first post.  I give you the template formula for each plus concrete examples for inspiration.  Talk about making things easier!
  • Some simple Google research will flesh out the rest of the outline for your story.  I tell you exactly how to go about it, and it’s not hard.
  • I give you some essential tips on how to create hooks that will draw your reader in.
  • I tell you about two amazing WordPress plugins and one free app that will be your virtual editors.  Use them and they’ll make better writing and powerful SEO easy.
  • Learn where to get high quality images for your post.
  • I give you the basics of editing and SEO to tune up your conversational rough draft to perfection.
  • I even tell you how to get started promoting the post so it gets some traffic right off the bat.

Let me tell you something–you might have thought that first post was going to be really hard.  You’ve probably been procrastinating.  But if you go through my article you’ll soon discover.  You’ve got this!

And once you write your first article, the second, third, and fourth get progressively easier.

So, check out the article and get started.  Come on, it doesn’t cost a dime.  You know you want to!

[ Show Me How to Write a Great First Blog Post So I Can Start Blogging ]


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