G-Wizard Editor: Post Processor List

G-Wizard Editor: Post Processor List

G-Wizard Editor has canned posts that allow it to simulate g-code from all of the following CNC Controls:

Bridgeport DX32

Centroid Lathe

Centroid Mill


Fanuc Lathe

Fanuc Metric Lathe

Fanuc Mill

Fanuc Metric Mill

Haas Lathe

Haas Mill

Heidenhain ISO Mill

ISO Lathe

ISO Lathe Metric

ISO Mill

ISO Mill Metric

LinuxCNC Lathe

LinuxCNC Mill

Mach3 Lathe

Mach3 Metric Lathe

Mach3 Mill

Mach3 Metric Mill

Tormach Mill: Mach3 + Tormach M998 for toolchanges

Roland MDX Series Mills (use RolandMill post for MDX-540, MDX-40A, MD-15, MDX-20, iModela, JWX-30, DWX-50, and DWX-30)

You can modify any of these posts to come up with posts for most other controls.

It’s extremely simple, for example, to create a metric version of any post.