As part of our recent article, Where do CNCCookbook Readers Come From, we ran a little survey to see what role they play in CNC Machining.  Folks were allowed to check as many answers as they wanted, so be aware that there is overlap–a person may play more than one role.  For example they might like CNC both as a hobby and as a profession.

Here are the results:



How are you involved with CNC Machining?

If you would’ve asked me, I would have said our readers are a diverse, creative, and skilled audience, but the survey really nails that down with numbers:

–  Over half of you, 51%, design products–talk about creative, very creative.

–  Nearly half enjoy CNC as a hobby–me too, it’s great fun!

–  In terms of roles, the majority are CADC/CAM Operators, followed by Engineers, followed by Machinists, followed by Machine Operators.

–  20% of you manufacture commercial products and that’s broken down as half job shops (I make products for others) and manufacturing of your own products.

–  Almost 15% own the shop and 12% manage the shop.

For a little context, CNCCookbook gets 2.5 million visitors a year, which makes it the most popular CNC Blog by far.  Thanks to all of you for making that possible, I really appreciate it.

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