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Things have been incredibly busy here at CNCCookbook in recent months.  I mentioned our big consulting project (working on Feeds & Speeds with a Big Tooling Company), I’ve been doing a fair number of improvements to our software behind the scenes, and if you watch the blog you will have seen a whole raft of articles coming out.  They’re largely refreshes of older articles that have been popular, but that needed updating and bringing to the forefront a bit more.  Call it our Spring Cleaning:there are a ton of fascinating topics such as the many ways to soup up the lowly drill press for more productivity.

The latest is I did an interview with Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine about online training.  It’s one of several segments in the article by Alan Richter (very pleasant fellow with some wonderful stories about the many things he has learned from the industry).

If you’d like to read it, click here:

CLICK CLASS: Online training offers an alternative

With our motto, “Be a Better CNC’er”, one could argue that CNCCookbook is about little else beyond training.  It’s almost true, but as a serious CNC fanatic, I also enjoy writing about products and projects.  And speaking of being busy, I have a big review of a CNC machine coming down the pipeline soon as well!

If you’d like to check out our CNC Training Resources, click the link and you’ll get our whole catalog.  Our courses are the real CNC Cookbooks!

PS:  I’m nearly done with my marathon analysis of our CAM Software Survey results.  Wow, big job, but seriously valuable insights.  Hope to have all the remaining info published next week!


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