CNC Manufacturing Techniques

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CNC Manufacturing Techniques

Are you interested in gaining more knowledge about how to turn your CNC Manufacturing and Job Shop operations into an efficient one? You’re at the right source of information. This site is a collection of all our resources to compile a Cookbook dedicated to CNC Manufacturing and Machining Techniques.

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your journey to manufacture your own product, starting a new machine shop, or running an established operation and looking for ideas on how to improve productivity, this is where you’ll find that sort of information on CNCCookbook.

Here are the articles available for maximizing your CNC Manufacturing.

Basic Concepts Every CNC Machinist Should Know

       Introduction: Learning how to think about productivity in CNC Manufacturing by analyzing the workflow.

       CNC Manufacturing Workflow: Optimize each part of the cycle to improve productivity.

       Where to Start Saving: Cycle Time or Setup Time?

       What Do Top Shops Do Differently? Learn about Best Practices the Top Shops have that others don’t yet.

       10 Strategies for Managing the Feast or Famine Job Shop

       Lean Manufacturing Principles: Try our multi-part mini-course to get you up to speed on Lean Manufacturing fast.

Articles By Manufacturing Workflow Stage

Rough Stock & Consumables Obtain rough stock and consumables and cut to size for loading in machines
Rough Stock
– Order
– Inventory
– Cut to Size

– Order
– Inventory
– Tool Setting

Bandsaw, Waterjet, Laser or Plasma Cut Rough Stock?
Nesting Software from Sigma Tek to Maximize Rough Stock Utilization
Setup Prepare machine so it is ready for operator to produce multiple parts





Workholding and Fixturing






Load Program

Total Guide to CNC Jigs, Fixtures, and Workholding Solutions for Mills

Using DNC to Load G-Code Onto Your CNC Machines

Machining Actual CNC machining work

Load Stock











Blow off Chips & Coolant


Forward Part to Finishing

(More than 10 articles)

Finishing Final preparation of the part before delivery

Finish Prep
– Deburr
– Polish
– Clean/Degrease

Finish (Anodize, Powder Coat, etc.)

Inspection/Quality Control


Definitive Guide to Deburring

The Fly Cutter Page: Best Surface Finish Tool in the Kit
Chip Fans for Clearing Chips


Cosine Error and Dial Indicator Measurements

Overhead Routine activities not directly associated with the manufacture of a particular part


Routine Maintenance
– Coolant
– Machine Maintenance


CNC Chuck Maintenance: A Kitigawa Guest Post
5 Steps to Evaluating VMC Performance

Michigan Training Program Turns Out New Machinists in 6 Weeks


Intermediate Techniques

       4th Axis Basics: Multi-part article series on what a 4th axis can do, how they work, workholding, etc.

       C-Axis Turning and Live Tooling: What if your lathe was also a mill?

       5-Axis CNC Benefits: What are they doing that you can’t?

       RAMTIC: Super Fast Precision Manufacturing on Cheap Machines (aka What you can do with probing)

       Horizontal vs Vertical Milling Machines

       – Two and a Half Men: Manufacturing at Straightline Components

High Speed Machining

Lights Out Machining

– Definitive Guide to Lights Out Manufacturing

– Why Shops Run More than One Shift

Job Cost Estimation

Lean Manufacturing

CNCCookbook Lean Manufacturing Principles Mini-Course

Resources for Starting CNC Businesses

Machine Shop Business Plan: How to go about putting one together with samples

Turning Pro and the Lunch Pail Manifesto

What Makes Your CNC Business Different?

50 Ideas for CNC Interview Questions

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