I remember the first time I saw a Lang Chip Fan.  I friend showed me on his VMC and we both had ear to ear grins in no time.  Imagine a tool that sits in your carousel.  Load it up, spin the spindle, and fan blades pop out to blow away coolant and chips:

The idea is a simple one, but effective.  Rather than blowing coolant and chips off the part with an air gun, and getting the back spray from all that while standing in the machine’s open door, you program a pass with flood running to wash down the part real good, and then take a pass with the chip fan to blow away the coolant and any remaining debris.  Anyone who has blown coolant out of a deep pocket where a considerable amount of coolant will have collected can understand the value of this approach.

Here’s another species of chip fan, from Hoss over on the CNCZone.  Hoss always seems to have some interesting project underway and lately I have been impressed by the rapid prototyping capabilities his 3D printer provides.  Based on the suggestion of one of his readers, he put together this set of chip fans:

This is a little different concept, though it could be used in the same way as the Lang fan.  Instead, Hoss is running the fan coaxially with an endmill to continuously clear chips.

Just want a chip fan that can go in your tool holder?  How about this one from Big Kaiser:

They’re not cheap at $289.  I’m thinking it’s a good 3D printing project for someone.

Pretty neat.


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