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Boring Heads are used to create the tightest tolerance holes with the best surface finish on a milling machine.  To learn more about their operation, see our article on Boring Head Operation.

In this article, we will go through the most common brands of Boring Head that are available on the market.

Criterion Boring Head

criterion boring head

Allied Machine manufactures criterion brand boring heads.  Most of their more modern design boring heads have built-in insert holders so they do not use boring bars.  They offer automatic boring heads as well as mini-boring heads.

Big Kaiser Boring Head


Big Kaiser Boring Head

Big Kaiser Boring Heads, made by Big Daishowa, are some of the premium boring heads on the market.  Features include:

  • Self-balancing for smooth higher rpm operation.
  • Digital readouts and blue tooth app connections for ease of use.
  • Modular boring system ensures versatility.

Wohlhaupter Boring Head

wohlhaupter boring head

Like Criterion, Allied Machine manufactures Wohlhaupter brand boring heads.  The Wohlhaupter line is focused on high-end boring needs and includes an automatic boring and facing head as well as their line of “Special Boring Tools” where Allied works with the customer to provide custom solutions.

D’Andrea Boring Head

d'andrea boring head

Italian Company D’Andrea offers a variety of innovative Boring Head Solutions.  Their U-Tronic Line allows g-code control of the boring head which acts as the machine’s U-Axis.  They have several other lines with this function, as well as a basic automatic boring and facing head.

Parlec Boring Head

parlec boring head

Parlec offers a full-featured modular boring head system.

Kennametal Boring Head


kennametal boring head romicro

Kennametal makes a full line of modular boring head systems including the Romicro Boring Head.

Narex Boring Head

narex boring head

Narex makes a universal boring and facing head.

Artisan Ring Boring Head

artisan ring boring head

The Artisan Ring Boring Head is a low-cost unit primarily sold to the hobby jewelry-making market.

Iscar Boring Head

iscar boring head

Iscar offers a full modular boring head system with digital readouts.  The ITS Bore Boring Head is one such system.

Nikken Boring Head

nikken boring head

Nikken offers a modular boring head system.

Pinzbohr Boring Head

pinzbohr boring head

Pinzbohr offers a modular boring head system.

Stanny Boring Head

stanny boring head

Stanny makes a full line Boring Heads and modular systems in Taiwan.

Soba Boring Head

soba boring head

Soba is an Indian firm that makes automatic as well as regular boring heads.

Walter Boring Head

walter boring head

Walter makes precision boring heads in Germany.








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