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Home Shop CNC Parts Gallery

What have people made with their CNC machines at home? I thought I would start this gallery for inspiration!. Images are displayed 1/2 size. Click to enlarge.

Dirt Rider 2000's Ducati Parts: Done on a round column CNC conversion!

Fan cover, machined on IH mill...

Turner's Cube on a Tormach...

Sprocket on a Tormach...

More Tormach Sprockets...

CNC'd Cookie Molds...

First make a router bracket that attaches to the spindle...

Then use it to mill plastic!

Corian router inlay done on a Joes 2006 CNC router made of MDF and pipes!

Pump impellor. I believe the CAM program was OneCNC...

Scaled down "Dub" rim to be installed on kid's wagon...

Paintball Minigun!

Paintball Minigun!

Friendly Pelican!

Reindeer Gifts: EDM Cut

Turner's Cube Christmas Ornaments: Tormach Mill

Velociraptor in Aluminum!

Dolphin Engraved Clock...

Dolphin Intarsia...

Interesting and complex parts machined on a Tormach...

Hardwood Floor Medallion made with CNC Router...

Attack helicopter medallion in wood, CNC Router...

Etched logo done with diamond burrs on a CNC router cutting just a few thousandths deep...

Nice motor mount for a Sieg CNC conversion. I like the engraved direction info!

Badge plate for a car...

JFettig's very elegant pen design...

JFettig does a nice fly cutter too!

The JFettig chess set...

Ford logo in 6061 aluminum. Engraving is 0.200" deep on 0.500" thick stock.

Real nice engraved panel. Love the Gecko!

Disc brake parts for 1/5 scale R/C motorcycles. They were made on a Sieg X2 that only had 2 axes CNC'd!

Corvette Badges by Austin Barnett are Gorgeous!


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