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A gallery of orreries for inspiration on my own orrery project.

Rens Heeren’s Amazing 3D Model of a Modern Antykthera Mechanism Clock:

PJ Bambrick’s Orrery

Mounting the Orrery in the “sky” above is a stroke of genius for this beautiful and complex orrery.

Zeamon’s Orrery

One of our G-Wizard customers builds a slick orrery:



A close-up view of a brass orrery with detailed gears, featuring a miniature Earth globe and a gilded Sun sphere, beautifully showcasing an intricate mechanical model of the solar system, reminiscent of historical astronomical clocks often admired in gallery exhibits.

Science Art Orrery

A mechanical orrery displaying a model of the solar system with intricate gears and a central, illuminated sun. This piece, reminiscent of grand astronomical clocks, is mounted on a wooden base with a hand crank. Perfect for any gallery wanting to showcase the wonders of celestial mechanics.

Orrery Links

CNCCookbook Astronomy Pinterest Board

Long Now Orrery: Unique Orrery is designed to be accurate for 10,000 years.

Spilhaus Space Clock: A modern device once sold by Edmund Scientific.

Eugene Sarget’s Orrery

Brian Grieg: Orrery Maker

Astroclocks: Not a lot of detail on how they’re made, but this fellow’s astronomical clocks are beautiful.


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