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A friend of mine and I are interested in making a rifle stock with CNC to fit a Mauser action so we can have some nice target rifles. Part of that project will require a new stock for the rifles, and I’d like to make one using a CNC router that’s my own custom design. This page is where I am collecting notes until its time to actually start the project.

Experiments in Rhino 3D: Making a Rifle Stock Plans

Start With Some Profile Curves…

Loft, Cap Planar Holes, Minor Fine Tuning, and Voila, a Rifle Stock in Maple!

DIY Rifle Stock Photo Ideas from the Web

Fiddleback Maple with a Mauser action…

Ross Precision

An interesting “machinist’s” rifle.

Rifle Stock Templates & Dimensions

The “pull” is the length from trigger center to butt plate, and is usually 13 1/2″ to 13 3/4″…

Picatinny Rail Dimensions

Cartridge Considerations

.220 Swift: High velocity, flat trajectory, minimal recoil. Probably ideal for Bobby’s gun.

.244/6mm Remington: Very highly regarded in the accuracy circles it seems.

.308 Winchester: “Probably the best thing to be said of the .308 is it is capable of phenomenal accuracy; it is possibly the single most inherently accurate cartridge of a caliber larger than 6mm ever designed.” Could be the one for Bob’s gun.

Links for Making a Rifle Stock

Great American Gunstock Company

Gun Stock Wood Sources

West Custom Rifles

Mauser Action Links

Sarco Inc

Samco Arms

Gun Drilling:  For Crazy People who even make their own barrels!


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