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It constantly delights me to receive updates from customers regarding their ongoing projects. Recently, I got a handful of messages about various tasks where the client utilized G-Wizard, and I thought I’d share these with you.

First up is a nice-looking set of paper shears made by a company called Lean Machining in South Dakota for a customer:

Some interesting labor-saving tips are visible in the photo including the magnetic holders for hex keys.  I’m wondering if the air ratchet hung on the machine enclosure is setup for the vise.  Looks like several cordless drills hanging on the toolbox and wondering if they’re set up to deburr or some other common operation.  I keep a zero flute deburring bit in an air tool handy at all times in my own shop.  And of course there is the ubiquitous big can of WD-40.  I go through so much of it I have switched to a pump bottle so I can refill from the gallon containers.  Lastly, a couple of red super precision adjustment tools are hung on the enclosure near the far right shear.  Nice to have those handy!

Our second customer entry is for firearms enthusiasts (I resemble that remark).  Brett from Crosstac contacted me.  They make a number of neat products for long range shooters, and he mentioned that several had benefited from G-Wizard’s feeds and speeds including:

AR-15 Armorer's Block

AR-15 Armorer’s Block fits in the mag well and makes it easy to clamp your work in the vise.  It includes an integrated hammer stock to facilitate trigger tuning.

Ambi Sling Connector for AR-15

AR-15 Ambi-Sling Connector:  Makes it easy to dial in exactly how your rifle hangs from its sling so regrip is automatic and natural.

Brett’s a super nice guy and was kind enough to give me some pointers about iPhone ballistics calculators and actions for custom rifles–my son and I dream of building a rifle together in the machine shop some day soon.  If you’re into shooting, check out Crosstac, they make some neat products.

If you’re a G-Wizard user and want to show off some of the work you’ve done, drop me a note!



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