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In my opinion, applying metal finishes and treatments can give your creations that final, professional touch. They can enhance the durability and rust resistance of your items. One prevalent metal treatment for firearms is Parkerizing, celebrated for its remarkable durability and corrosion resistance. Its main ingredient, Manganese Phospate, is easily obtainable. Interestingly, Parkerizing is quite simple and even inexpensive to carry out in a small-scale shop. To illustrate, I’ve documented the process along with some instructions and accompanying images on my page dedicated to metal finishing. A considerable amount of effort and a minor expenditure on the necessary chemicals and other elements can quickly put you on your way to producing military-grade, rust-resistant finishes for your firearms, tools, and other components.

Here is a teaser:

I’d love to set up to do some Parkerizing in my shop. I’ve experimented with Cold Bluing (also discussed on the metal finishing page), which is a lot simpler and even cheaper, and was very pleased with my results.  I know one machinist who told me they took and old drip coffee pot (the glass kind) and leave it on a hot plate in the back of the shop with Parkerizing solution available at all times.  This makes it easy to drop in small parts and get them treated any time.


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