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G-Wizard helps you Master G-Code fast


The best training and support in the business:


✅ Wondering what to do FIRST? G-Wizard’s Quick Start training makes you productive fast without wasting time.


✅ In-app information at your fingertips keeps you productive as you work with G-Wizard.


✅ Exclusive techniques, secrets of the masters, and overall sneaky tricks to gain an edge.  We’ll show you all this and more with our extensive Online Training that’s keyed to G-Wizard to speed your access to exaclty the info you want.


✅ 4 exclusive tools that do more for solving your problems than any other package offers.


All Free with G-Wizard Editor



Master G-Code the easy way with G-Wizard.



A Quick Start that’s actually Quick & Easy

The fastest way to learn software is to read the manual cover to cover, Right?

WRONG! G-Wizard’s online Quick Start Features don’t waste your time.

✅ The easiest way to get productive with G-Wizard ever–our step-by-step online Getting Started Tours

✅ The #1 thing most people want for learning? A finished example that matches their real-world problem. We’ve got a collection examples suitable for everyone from Beginners to Pros.

✅ WARNING: If you’re a beginner, G-Code can seem cryptic and unfamiliar-downright user UNfriendly even. Good news–G-Wizard has a built-in Hints feature that tells you what each code means in simple English.

In-App Tips, Coaching & Help

✅ Are you constantly flipping back and forth from software to documentation to figure out what each thing does? Our popup tool tips save you the trouble.

✅ Learn how to maximize G-Wizard’s benefits quickly and easily with its Tip of the Day popup.

✅ If you want context sensitive help in a hurry, just click the help button. You’ll be taken straight to the documentation page for whatever feature you’re on.

✅ Want some sneaky ways to create simple g-code programs fast? Try G-Wizard’s exclusive Conversational Programming Wizards.  They take you from a simple questionaire to G-Code fast–no CAD or CAM required.

Get the Deep 411 so you can be the Expert

When you’re facing hard or unusual challenges, you need to become an expert fast, and it’s not easy.  You need to know you can count on DEEP information resources when you need them:

Did you know that various studies have proven video can accelerate learning by 70 – 78%? Our videos are so good Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine has us make one for them every month.  That’s why we made G-Wizard Video University for you.

Ben Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We help you open that interest bearing knowledge account with our Free Online G-Code Course. It starts out for total beginners and goes as deep as you want to go–40+ chapters of CNC in-depth knowledge so you know exactly where to get answers.  Plus each chapter has examples using G-Wizard Editor.

Dick Brandon says, “Documentation is like sex: when it is good, it is very, very good; and when it is bad, it is better than nothing.”  Hey, I’m not promising our documentation is as good as sex, but it is WAY better than nothing!

Enough quotes from smart people, onward!

Not Just Customer Service; Customer Success

Something’s not right, there’s a question unanswered, or you just want to make a helpful suggestion.

We want to make that easy for you.

✅ Live chat has a 92% customer satisfaction rate. That’s why we offer it for G-Wizard.

✅ We’ve answered over 4000 questions on our User Portal since it opened. We’re happy to answer yours too!

✅ Henry Ford said, “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” For us, CNCCookbook’s customers bring out the best. That’s why I read every email.

✅ The secret to CNCCookbook’s success? We listen better to a bigger and more talented group of CNC’ers than any one else in our space.

✅ The quickest way to get help is to find someone else with the same question already answered. Try QuestionX, our online CNC question and answer board.

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