G-Wizard Speeds and Feeds Calculator:

Beginner & Hobbyist’s Best Friend

We’ve been teaching folks how to be Better CNC’ers for years. 

I’ve personally spoken to and helped thousands of them along the way.  Every time I helped someone out with a problem, I asked myself: 

How can G-Wizard have helped them to help themselves? How could it help avoid problems before they start? How can it teach?  How can it give tips that experts take years of experience to learn?

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve built all that into G-Wizard, making it the Beginner and Hobbyist’s Best CNC Friend and Mentor.

Then we added an exclusive Feeds and Speeds Video University that’ll take you from ground zero to being an expert in easy video training modules. No other product comes with this level of help.

There’s even a special pricing plan that’s easy on the hobbyist’s pocketbook.  G-Wizard can serve you on your CNC journey from the beginning until you’re an Expert too.

Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Master your Speeds and Feeds the easy way with G-Wizard.


G-Wizard Speeds and Feeds Calculator

Better Tool Life. Less Frustration.

Feeds & Speeds The Easy Way.

Get Speeds and Feeds in seconds

Getting good Speeds and Feeds is quick and easy: Fill in the blanks left to right, top to bottom and
G-Wizard instantly returns the best
Spindle Speed and Feed Rate.

Super simple for Beginners, powerful and flexible for Pros. Plus, the best training materials anywhere free with the product.

Feeds and Speeds Calculator
Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Figure the Best Cut Width and Cut Depth

How do you know when you’ve got the best Cut Depth and Cut Width? These two parameters matter more than almost any other for best Speeds and Feeds.  Experts take years of experience to learn the right combinations, and even then, G-Wizard can do it better.

G-Wizard will find the best combination to keep tool deflection under control while maximizing Material Removal Rate. No other software does that.

Improve My CNC Speeds and Feeds

Quick setup. Free for 30 days.

Adjusts to Your Needs

Are you looking to maximize tool life or material removal rates? Do you have a small CNC machine or a big industrial machine? Are you trying to hog out a bunch of chips or achieve the best possible surface finish?

G-Wizard makes it easy to dial in exactly the results you are looking for.

Feeds and Speeds Calculator
Feeds and Speeds Calculator

CADCAM Wizards: An Expert in the Box

How often do you get to experiment with hundreds of different feed and speed combinations to find the best one for your job?  As a Beginner, where would you even start.

CADCAM Wizards will do that for you automatically in a matter of seconds and without asking too many questions. It gives you a complete recipe for roughing and finishing.  It’ll even tell you the best tool for the job.  It’s like having a machining expert sitting at your shoulder telling you the right combination for the win–another G-Wizard first!

Improve My CNC Speeds and Feeds

Quick setup. Free for 30 days.

Extensive Tool Coverage & Visual Menus

G-Wizard Calculator handles more different kinds of tooling than any other Speeds and Feeds Calculator.  For example, it covers the specialized cutters used by CNC Routers, which the other popular calculators don’t.

Even better–it has extensive Visual Menus.  Even if you don’t know all the right terminology, you can still tell when you’ve chosen the right tool. Check the comprehensive Line-Up:

End Mill Speed and Feed: Coatings (including PCD) & Geometry (Ballnose, Upcut, Downcut, Compression, and more)

CNC Router Bits:  Upcut, Downcut, Compression, Straight Flute, Spoilboard Surfacing, V-Bits, and more!

Drill Feeds and Speeds: Carbide, HSS, and Parabolic

Turning and Lathe Tools

Reamers, Saws, Woodruff Cutters, Corner Rounders, Tapping, Thread Mills, and Boring Heads

Tours, Videos, Glossaries: Best Training Anywhere

G-Wizard includes built-in Tours, Training Videos, Glossaries, and so much more.  Plus, it’s backed by CNCCookbook, the Internet’s best CNC Training Resource.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of articles and videos on how to use G-Wizard for every possible situation.  Everything you need to go from Beginner to Advanced.

Improve My CNC Speeds and Feeds

Quick setup. Free for 30 days.

Speeds and Feeds Charts: Obsolete

Throw away those old speeds and feeds charts and pdfs.

Let’s admit it–they were confusing and hard to use anyway.

G-Wizard’s cutting physics engine considers nearly 60 variables. No chart will ever do that!

Beyond that, G-Wizard’s defaults are conservative.   You don’t have to look up anything in those manufacturer’s catalogs until you’re ready to unleash every last iota of performance.

speeds and feeds chart pdf
tungsten feeds and speeds cobalt chrome graphite

Giant Material Database

Metals of all kinds, plastics, composites, even hard to find materials like Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome, and Graphite.

Plus, we add new materials on request.  As a Beginner, you want to know that the Material you’ll be cutting is in the database so there’s no guesswork.  We’ve got you covered!

Improve My CNC Speeds and Feeds

Quick setup. Free for 30 days.

Tips for Beginners from the Experts

You ever read all those great tips in the tooling catalogs?

When to use climb vs conventional milling. When to start peck drilling or switch to parabolic flute?

All those tips are wonderful, but who can remember it all?

And what about the simple stuff too, that the Experts take for granted so you never hear them?

G-Wizard will remember all of that for you. It even has a comprehensive Cheat Sheet to help you bend Feeds and Speeds to your special needs.

cnc machining tips and techniques

Support for Small, Entry, and Hobby-Level Machines

What, you don’t have a 5000lb industrial CNC machine in your garage?  Hey, we understand totally–few hobbyists do!

But the simple truth is that small machines cut differently than big ones.  You have to adjust your feeds and speeds accordingly.  We have more experience doing that than anyone else on the planet.

Tormach sells G-Wizard because of it.  We’re also buddies with Carbide3D and the Shapeoko people.

There are literally thousands of G-Wizard customers with small machines, and we’ll walk you through exactly how to set up G-Wizard to take best advantage of your machine, without going overboard.

Machinist Calculators Need Reference Information Too

Trig Calculators, Threads, Fasteners, and More

Why leaf through old-style handbooks when you can have interactive calculators at your fingertips?

Bolt Circles, Trig, Chords, Thread Database, Fastener Dimensions, and much more. There’s even a Turner’s Cube calculator!

G-Wizard isn’t just Speeds and Feeds, it has the most comprehensive reference resources available in any software package.

Improve My CNC Speeds and Feeds

Quick setup. Free for 30 days.


“Haven’t wasted a tool since GWizard. I’m still a rookie at machining and have made lots of mistakes. In contrast to my experience before GWizard, it’s a weird feeling cutting something new or using a new tool or doing something particularly aggressive—pressing the start button and waiting for something terrible to happen, and the tool just starts gliding through the workpiece. ” Aaron

better tool life faster cycle time feeds and speeds

Over 300 of the best schools and CNC programs in the country use G-Wizard to help teach their students CNC.  It will help you too!

How much do you spend on cutters in a year? If each one lasted 56% longer, you’d save 56% of that. Plus what’s the value of your time saved and time saved on jobs? 

G-Wizard pays for itself very quickly–you’ll see in the Free Trial.

Speeds and Feeds Calculator Master Class

Easy training takes you from ground zero to expert

in simple weekly modules.

After working with over 100,000 CNC Beginners, we realized just handing them software wasn’t good enough.  Even if it had great UI and Help files.  When you’re starting to learn CNC from scratch, you need actual training.  So we developed the industry’s first Feeds & Speeds Master Class, and we give it away with G-Wizard.  Together they give you a complete survival kit for Feeds & Speeds.

Everyone who signs up for the G-Wizard free trial is entered into our exclusive Feeds & Speeds Master Class.  Lessons appear once a week in your mail box.

  • 19 lessons go from the absolute basics to expert level topics.
  • Lessons arrive in your email box once a week on Fridays.
  • Lessons include numerous videos plus real-world examples and tutorials showing how to deal with the concepts using your G-Wizard Calculator.
  • Includes a complete syllabus so you can skip around at will, work at your own pace, and focus on topics in the order you want to learn them.
  • This Master Class has helped folks from rank beginner to experienced CNC’ers looking to up their game to full expert level.

In addition to the Master Class, we published tons of articles in our blog, built a ton of tutorial videos, and even provide you with fully worked out examples for common use cases.

No other Feeds and Speeds vendor offers comprehensive training like this.  With a little help, you’ve got this!

Special Pricing for Hobbyists and Beginners

We call it “G-Wizard Lite”, but it’s the exact same software.  But, the deal is, after the initial subscription expires, G-Wizard adds a spindle power limit.  Everything else keeps working for life, including all updates and tech support.  Guess what?  As a Hobbyist, your machine doesn’t have a 30 Horsepower spindle.  It has a spindle with 1-3 Horsepower.

So, pay for a 1 year subscription and you have Feeds and Speeds for 1 Horsepower for life.  Buy a 3 year subscription and you get 3 Horsepower for life.  We invented that pricing scheme and were the first to offer it because we knew we had to keep the price within a hobby budget.

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“I’m in my 27th year and seen my share of ‘machinist aid’ software and this BY FAR packs the most punch for the dollar. Shop owners would be fools not having a copy.” Michael

“I’m a total Newbie on hobby mill and had the crazy idea to jump right in on some plasma cut hardened steel. WOW! I did it and could not have done it without G-Wizard. I completed our very first EVER customer part in about 1 hour.” Jeffrey

“I am amazed at all the data that is available when using the G-Wizard. I’ve been in the business for 43 years and sure wish something like this was around back in the day.” Michael

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