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All the same great features as G-Wizard: the #1 Feeds and Speeds Calculator used by over 2000 manufacturers.

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Lifetime subscription with spindle power limit: affordable for hobbyists.

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See results right away during your trial period.

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Free updates and support for life, plus: install on up to 2 computers. No hidden costs!

2 Horsepower (1.5 KW) Spindles

Most Popular:

5 HP (3.7 KW) Spindles

Best Savings:


1 Year Subscription


3 Year Subscription





Unlimited Spindle Power for 1 Year,

2 HP (1.5 KW) for Life


Unlimited Spindle Power for 3 Years,

5 HP (3.7 KW) for Life

Unlimited Spindle Power Forever


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What Do Users Say?

Your product already paid for itself the first time I used it.

G-Wizard does a better job than lots of packages including OneCNC and Mastercam.

G-Wizard has been a tremendous help. I have gone through about 5 of the (100+) programs I run on a semi-regular basis, and in all cases it has increased the speed by a substantial amount. I also think that its recommendations are increasing my tool life. I have been using the same endmill for about a week now, that is something I haven’t done in a long time.

What you have here is a truly amazing tool.  I have run CNC Routers and lasers for 10 years, but the Mill has proved itself to be a real challenge for me!  

Just this morning I have saved money on a ss304 job by going from 40 minutes a piece down to 25 minutes a piece. That’s a healthy saving!


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After purchase, if you’re not completely satisfied, simply tell us within 30 days for a full refund.

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