G-Wizard Lite: A Special Hobbyist Version of
Our Popular G-Wizard Calculator

> Every feature of full G-Wizard <

> One-time affordable fee for life <

> All new versions and support free, for life <

What’s the Catch?  How can we do this?

G-Wizard Lite is regular G-Wizard with a spindle power limit.

G-Wizard Lite is built into every copy of G-Wizard.  When your G-Wizard subscription expires, it becomes G-Wizard Lite.  The spindle power limit is based on how many years you subscribed to G-Wizard for.  

If you subscribe for 1 year, then when the 1 year ends, you still get lifetime use with a 2 horsepower (1480 watt) spindle power limit.

Need more power?  No problem.  A 3 year subscription is good for 5 horsepower (3.5 KW) of spindle power for life.

You can renew any time if you get a more powerful machine, but meanwhile, you’ve got everything you need at a great price.  For life.

There’s nothing special to order, just get G-Wizard because every copy has GW Lite built right in.

Why not get the Best Feeds and Speeds for Your Shop with G-Wizard Lite?

G-Wizard Customers Report:

56% longer tool life

46% faster feeds and speeds

94% less time calculating feeds and speeds

70% less tiem digging through handbooks and tooling catalogs

G-Wizard is easy to learn.  Hundreds of schools across the world have already included it in their teaching curriculum:

Plus G-Wizard includes the best training in the business.  Guided Tours, Video University, Documentation, Thousands of Articles, even a Glossary in the product.  All completely free!

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