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Here is a feature comparison chart that shows the relative functionality of Kennametal vs G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds Calculator:


Feature G-Wizard Kennametal
Machine Types    
Mill Y Y
Lathe Y  
CNC Router Y  
Metric and Imperial Units, Selectable by Field Y  
Automatic Tool Selection for CAM op Y  
Automatic Tool Selection for CAM op using Tool Tables Y  
Optimized Cut Depth for MRR Y  
Optimized Cut Width for MRR Y  
Optimal Combination of Cut Width and Cut Depth Y  
Tool Rubbing Warning Y  
Compute Slowest Feeds and Speeds without Rubbing Y  
Chip Thinning Compensation Y  
Calculates both Roughing and Finishing Passes Y  
Slider Adjustment from Roughing to Finishing Y  
Recommends Entry Method for CAM Toolpath (Plunge, Ramp, Helix) Y  
Computes Entry Method Feeds & Speeds (Plunge Ramp Helix) Y  
Recommends Coolant or Mist by Material Y  
Automatically Scales Back if you exceed machine HP limits Y  
Can adjust to a spindle power curve Y  
Can optimize to a spindle power curve Y  
Can automatically scale back if you exceed machine’s rigidity limits Y  
Can automatically scale back if you exceed machine’s max feedrate Y  
Adjusts for Material Alloy and Condition Y  
Material DB Entries 1232  
Can Calculate a Chamfer Pass Y  
Can Optimize to Control Tool Deflection Y  
    Cut Width Y  
    Cut Depth Y  
    Stickout Y  
    Tortoise Hare Slider Y  
Will recommend stickout and warn of excessive stickout Y  
Cut Depth warning when too deep for slitting saws Y  
Can adjust Feeds and Speeds for Helical and Circular holes and bosses Y  
Can adjust Feeds and Speeds for Ramping Y  
Can adjust feedrate to minimize vacuum pop-off Y  
Can compensate for HSM and Trochoidal tool paths Y  
Can adjust for Through Spindle, High Pressure, and Programmable Coolant Nozzles Y  
Cheat Sheet will recommend which parameters to change to achive desired outcome Y  
Will tell you whether to use Climb Milling or Conventional Milling Y  
Will warn if your spindle’s minimum rpm is too high for the cut and will suggest work arounds to the problem. Y  
Wiill tell you when you need a peck cycle or parabolic drill based on hole depth. Y  
Will tell you the best twist drill point angle for your material Y  
Will tell you if the material is not compatible with PCD tooling Y  
Will tell you when you should drill a pilot hole Y  
Will tell you when material is too hard to form tap Y  
Will recommend a peck depth Y  
Will tell the best drill size for a reamer Y  
Will warn when you should’nt use the centerline of your cutter Y  
Will warn to use less than 4 flutes in non-ferrous metals Y  
Will compensate for effective diameter on ball noses and such. Y  
Will compute Feeds & Speeds for Plunge Roughing Y  
Carbide Tools Y  
HSS Tools Y  
Cobalt Tools Y  
PCD Tools Y  
Tool Coatings Handled 9  
End Mill Tip Types    
    Normal Y Y
    Serrated (Corncob) Rougher Y  
    Ballnose End Mills Y  
    Lolipop End Mills Y  
    Chamfers and Countersinks Y  
    Corner Rounders Y  
    V-Bits Y  
   Dovetails Y  
   Router Downcut End mIlls Y  
   Router Compression End mIlls Y  
   Router Straight Flute  End mIlls Y  
Indexable Mill Tip Types    
    Normal Y  
    Serrated (Corncob) Rougher Y  
    Ballnose End Mills Y  
    Lolipop End Mills Y  
    Chamfers and Countersinks Y  
    Corner Rounders Y  
    V-Bits Y  
   Dovetails Y  
   Router Downcut End mIlls Y  
   Router Compression End mIlls Y  
   Router Straight Flute  End mIlls Y  
Twist Drills Y  
Parabolic Drills Y  
Indexable Drills Y  
Spot Drills Y  
Center Drills Y  
Spade Drills Y  
Gun Drills Y  
Reamers Y  
Form Taps Y  
Cutting Taps Y  
Thread Mills Y  
Boring Bars Y  
Saws & Woodruff Cutters Y  
Annular Cutters (Rotabroach) Y  
Turning Tools    
    OD Turning Y  
    Boring Bar for ID Turning Y  
    Parting Off Y  
    Single-Point Threading Y  
    Grooving Tools Y  
Includes Full Featured Thread Calculations and Data for UN and ISO Threads Y  
Optional Full-Featured Thread Calculator that adds many more thread families Y  
Tap Drill Sizes by Thread % Y  
Includes Tool Inventory management features Y  
Will manage your ToDo list for you using Pomodoro time management Y  
Includes a full range of Geometry Calculators    
Right Triangle Y  
Oblique Triangle Y  
Bolt Circles Y  
Dovetails:  Measurement with pins Y  
Tapers:  Includes a list of standard tapers you can plug in Y  
Chamfer/Drill:  With special calculators for center drill, spot drill, twist drill, and countersink Y  
Circle Chords Y  
GD&T True Position Y  
Distance Between Points Y  
Polar / Rectangular Coordinate Conversion Y  
Turner’s Cube Dimensions:  Fun one! Y  
Fits and Tolerances:  Sliding Fits, Press Fits, and all the rest. Y  
Gage Block / Sine Bar:  Tells which blocks from the set make up a given size.  And for the sine bar, what is the length and gage bar stack up to make that length. Y  
Ball Gages:  Calculate all sorts of interesting things when you drop a ball bearing into a hole. Y  
Includes Many Quick Reference Resources for Machinist    
Drill Chart showing all the standard sizes of Twist Drills and End Mills. Y  
Fasteners Chart with data on Socket Head Cap Screws, 82 Degree Flat Head Cap Screws, 100 Degree Flat Head Cap Screws, and Metric Flat Head Cap Screws. Y  
Weights and Volumes for all standard sizes of structural steel.  You can choose the material as well as add cost information to calculate price quotes. Y  
Thermal Expansion Calculator Y  
Electrical Page with Ohms Law Calculator and Resistor Color Codes chart. Y  
Servo and Stepper Motor Sizing Calculations for DIY CNC’ers. Y  
G and M-Codes Y  
Hardness Calculator with conversions between all standard hardness measures. Y  
Tool Rigidity Calculator Y  
Chatter Calculator:  Can you tell you what spindle rpms will minimize the chatter. Y  
GD&T symbol reference Y  
Notebook so you can add web pages to your reference materials Y  
Full-Featured Scientific Calculator with Fractions and Unit Conversion Y


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