Lathemaster 9×30 CNC Conversion

3 months by cncdivi

I’ve been plotting and planning a CNC conversion for my 9×30 lathe for some time now. This page chronicles the journey as well as the ultimate destination.

Collecting Parts…

Project Introduction: What do I hope to accomplish and how am I planning to get there? This is a brief history of how I got into this mess in the first place. Also discusses the E-Leadscrew idea.
Driver Enclosure and Swingarm Rack: 19″ Rack Enclosures for PC and Driver Electronics and a swingarm for the LCD touch panel, keyboard, and lathe control panel.
Step Motors and Mounting: Basic direct drive mounts for NEMA 23 step motors.
Machine Tool Accuracy: Results of my research on factors governing accuracy for CNC conversions.
Optical Limit Switches: Wherein I design and build my own limit switches based on a slotted optical switch.
Control Panel: A design for a lathe panel that maximizes opportunity for manual as well as CNC control.
SoftwareMuch is driven by the choice of software!
Ballscrews & Gang Slide: Once the basic lathe is up and running, the next step will be some upgrades like these!

I couldn’t resist, my first CAD drawing in Rhino 3D of a chuck backplate. Made within 1 hour of receiving my official copy!

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