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Welcome to G-Wizard Calculator!

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This is the welcome video for our G-Wizard Calculator Video University.  The Video University will train you in how to use G-Wizard Calculator to get great feeds and speeds.  If you don’t have G-Wizard, sign up for the 30-day trial and follow along with these videos.


Table of Contents


Welcome Video and Table of Contents

Basic Setup for G-Wizard Calculator

Optional Bonus Lesson: Advanced Setup

Covers spindle power curves, machine rigidity compensation, through spindle coolant,

high pressure coolant, programmable coolant nozzles, and sharing preferences across multiple machines and apps.

Getting Started With G-Wizard Feeds & Speeds

(How to solve the hardest problem in Feeds & Speeds easily!)

Getting Started with Feeds & Speeds, Part 2 [Cheat Sheet]

Use our exclusive Cheat Sheet to adjust Feeds and Speeds for your needs.

CNC Router Feeds & Speeds

Bonus: 5 Feeds and Speeds Key Concepts

G-Wizard Feeds & Speeds Examples

Worked examples for Beginners, Pros, and CNC Router Users.

More Resources

User Manual

Download Page

Change Log

G-Wizard Software Blog Posts: Every new feature gets a write up here first.

Feeds and Speeds Course: Learn the trade secrets of Feeds and Speeds and how to exploit them with G-Wizard Calculator.

Blog Posts on Feeds and Speeds: Even more trade secrets.