Welcome to G-Wizard Calculator Video University!

Watch this video first:

This is the welcome video for our G-Wizard Calculator Video University.  The Video University will train you in how to use G-Wizard Calculator to get great feeds and speeds.  If you don’t have G-Wizard, sign up for the 30-day trial and follow along with these videos.


Table of Contents

There are separate tracks based on your needs, machine, and level of experience.   After watching the Welcome Video above, choose the track that’s best for you.

CNC Beginner

You’re just starting with CNC and want to keep things simple. Your CNC Machine is Hobby-grade, not Industrial-grade so cuts need to be more conservative. You want maximum ease and minimum complexity.


CNC Beginner Videos

CNC Professional

You want to minimize cycle times while maximizing tool life and surface finish.  You want maximum control over everything.  You’re familiar with Feeds & Speeds terminology and you’re not afraid if things get a little complex so long as you get more power.

CNC Pro Videos

CNC Router User

You use a CNC Router, and you want this training to be geared towards the special needs of CNC Router Users.



CNC Router Videos

Once you finish the track made for you (see above), everyone can Benefit from these remaining lessons:

G-Wizard Special Topics

More Resources

User Manual

Download Page

Change Log

G-Wizard Software Blog Posts: Every new feature gets a write up here first.

Feeds and Speeds Course: Learn the trade secrets of Feeds and Speeds and how to exploit them with G-Wizard Calculator.

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