CNC Beginner

Here’s the G-Wizard Calculator Video University for CNC Beginners.  What’s a CNC Beginner?

You’re just starting with CNC and want to keep things simple. Your CNC Machine is Hobby-grade, not Industrial-grade so cuts need to be more conservative. You want maximum ease and minimum complexity.

If that’s not you, click to find the right place:

Help! I’m not a CNC Beginner.

Here’s the Video Track you should follow to learn G-Wizard:

Basic Setup: Configure G-Wizard for Your Machine

Getting Started With G-Wizard Feeds & Speeds

(How to solve the hardest problem in Feeds & Speeds easily!)

Optional Bonus Lesson: Feeds and Speeds for Beginners

Getting Started with Feeds & Speeds, Part 2 [Cheat Sheet]

Use our exclusive Cheat Sheet to adjust Feeds and Speeds for your needs.

Bonus: 5 Feeds and Speeds Key Concepts

What Next?


You’ve got the Basics down.

There’s more to learn to get the most value from G-Wizard.  Click here to keep going:

Make me a G-Wizard Expert.

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